Monday, September 03, 2007

3 of 30

i don't know why i let jesse sucker me into blogging again. it's too hot to blog. i spent the morning in my underwear sitting in front of a fan, and then uma and i went to see The Nanny Diaries (which was pretty terrible, but thank god for the air conditioning), then we went over to my brothers' house to welcome my oldest-younger brother Josh back from Burning Man and look at his photos (he had an amazing time, but I don't think I could handle Burning Man for a week--maybe a weekend, but not a whole week) (i need a real bed), and now I'm back at my apartment sitting in my underwear in front of the fan again.


Jesse said...

We should go to Home Depot and just break down and buy AC units.

and now we really know why you got maggots in kitchen. ZING!

Erik said...

It's so hot that i didn't even have the energy to make some sort connection between Josh returning from Burning Man and the fact that I literally feel like a burning man in my hot, hot, fucking hot house.

Jesse, I'm ready to break down if you are. Let's go to Home Depot!

christy said...

you missed a day.

Erik said...

I know! It's so sad. Oh well.

I barely saw you last night!

Gina said...

I'joined in on the 30n30...I kind of dropped off the face of the blogmesphere around the same time you did...weird.

christy said...

I know! I was super-exhausted after my first day of school after 10 days off, followed by my first day back at the gym after ten days off, followed by my first night back at Tuesdays (in almost a year!).

But I really like your play(s) about Little D.

And I am super-excited about your playing going up at Note!

And that I just turned you into a Zombie. That's really the best part of everything.

christy said...

haha I just said "playing" - that is a cute typo.