Friday, September 28, 2007

Blessing Andrea Stern

Obviously I haven't posted in, like, 500 years. I've been thinking lately that the blog break might be for good. Or sometimes I think that I need to dump "my year of new things" and start fresh with a new blog. I dunno. I've been super busy, which is great, but the blog suffers. Anyway. That's not why I'm posting. I'm posting to send you AWAY from my blog, to my friend Andrea Stern's blog. Andrea was recently diagonosed with AVM (it's the brain thing that Nate had on Six Feet Under) (what the fuck is up with brains lately?) and if you're reading this, please take a moment to send her some good thoughts, good vibes, love, all of that jazz. If I've learned anything from the last year, it's that positivity and prayers fucking work like a mofo. Andrea's doing really well, and she's scheduled for surgery soon, which is obviously scary, but it needs to be done. So if you've come here to read my blog again and you're like, dammit, Erik hasn't posted anything new, then go over to Andrea's blog instead, because I'm sure Andrea (and her close friends who are helping with the blog) will be updating regularly, and you'll find stuff to read there.

Much love to you, Andrea!


Sternie Central said...

you are the loveliest blogger. i like reading your blogs so much, even if they are sick and dying, as you seem to feel lately. much love from Sternie Central!

andrea stern said...

erik, how kind you are. i love knowing you. i am in and out of having energy and my emotions are jumping around and all seem to lead me back to surrendering. i do not have the choice about this surgery but i do have the choice to notice the things i love like when i walk outside and feel the air on my face. that is a magical feeling and i choose to notice stuff like that now.
you are an angel out there helping me to walk through this.
i will see you soon and i'll be standing upright. love, andrea stern.

Anonymous said...

Erik, thanks once again for putting positive stuff out there in the world. I will be thinking of Andrea, and I'm sure she'll get the VIP wishing and praying treatment just like Ums did...