Wednesday, November 07, 2007

last blog post

I realize I haven't blogged in seven thousand years and I don't even check my statcounter anymore (because I haven't been blogging, so why bother) so I have no idea if anyone ever still comes by these here parts, but I figured I should officially announce that the My Year of New Things blog is dead. I'm not going to post anything new here. It was a fun ride, and it's way over. At least in this incarnation. I might start up a new blog, but if I do, I need to find a new hook. My literal "year" of new things ended nine months ago. This is a dead horse. I'm gonna stop kicking it.

In other news, do what you can to support the WGA. If you're not in the WGA but still sympathetic to our cause (especially if you're in SAG, because we're fighting for you too), come on out to the picket line and march with us! It's kind of exhausting, really, but it can be invigorating too--to feel like you're a part of something bigger than yourself--and the more people who are there, the more it feels like we're making an impact. (And no one wants this strike to last long, so the more impact we make up front, the better the chances of this thing ending sooner.) I'll be posting photos from the line on my flickr account, here:

Also, I'm posting an email below from my friend Sian Heder. You should seriously check out her film. It's a wonderful piece of work and I'm proud to be good friends with someone so talented. Support short films on itunes! Okay, I'll let Sian speak for herself:

"Hello all,

"Just a note to let you know that my short film, MOTHER, is now available for download on iTunes! It's only two bucks...actually $1.99...which is a pretty damn good deal. What else can you buy for 2 bucks? A sponge. Some paper towels. Two packs of gum. Maybe an 8 oz Tecate in a dive bar? (Not including tip.)

"If you haven't seen it, now is your chance! If you have, watch it again! Short films are fairly new to iTunes, so the more support we have, the greater the likelihood of iTunes supporting filmmakers in the future. Dooo it...dooo it...Here is the link:

"Enjoy! And please pass this along to anyone else you think might enjoy the film! Our festival run is coming to a close and it would be great if this little movie could continue to have a life online...

"Thanks and my love to you all,

Sian Heder
Writer/Director – MOTHER


That's all.
Over and out.
It's been real.
And in the immortal words of Angela Chase:
We had a time.

Rock on,


Doug said...

Hope you start up a new blog. I miss your posts. Good luck with the writer's strike.

SETH said...

Let me know if you start up a new blog somewhere else. I'll miss your poop posts.

What can I as a non-WGA/SAG guild member do to support the strikers? Bring'em coffee?

Zacki said...

Sad to see it go, but keep us informed on any new bloggification you happen to partake in. Good luck with the strike, here's to hoping the discussions lead to a better deal for you guys!

Anonymous said...

seth asked. I'm serious.
Where you marchin'? And how do you take your coffee?

Erik said...

thank you to all of you who say you're gonna miss the blog. that's nice. i'll update ya'll if i ever start up a new one...

Seth and Gab...on the first day that i was marching, someone came by with a bunch of iced mochas and they came by just when i was feeling exhausted and then i had a great caffeine high for the next two hours and wanted to yell louder than before. so that was nice and that's definitely something that people appreciate. also, you don't have to be a writer to march on the picket lines and show your support, and the more people who are out there, the better the strike works, so if you have an hour and want to chat with writers and get some exercise and march, that's a huge support.

jeremy said...

boo. and yes, please let us know if you start a new one. i hope all your upcoming years are years of new things.

Anonymous said...

It all started with an idea talked about over some incredible ribs at that restaurant with the pig outside in Palm Springs. Looking forward to more of your “words” in the future. As anyone who has seen one of your plays, you write words that are always insightful.
Love DAD

communicatrix said...

One of the great gifts a writer can have is knowing when it's time to put a period on it.

Congratulations on a great run. It's been awesome!

Anonymous said...

I will miss it and await the second coming.

lindsay lindsay

Aimie said...

i vote for "my year of poop."

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