Wednesday, November 07, 2012

A snapshot from Silverlake

When Obama won 4 years ago, we started a spontaneous victory party on the corner of Sunset & Hyperion (relive the beautiful madness HERE and HERE).

Last night, we were all a little more subdued -- we'd been so anxious all day that we were just so RELIEVED that we could finally breathe again. We started saying our goodnights. But then I was like: wait, hold on. We can't just GO HOME. We have four more years of Obama, the first president to ever acknowledge gay people! Four states made huge progress in the marriage equality fight! An out lesbian won a seat in the Senate! These things are huge and we should REALLY CELEBRATE, like we did four years ago.
So we headed out to the corner of Sunset & Hyperion again. We shouted at cars with joy and the cars honked back. Neighbors came out to join us, some of the same people we celebrated with four years ago. We danced and laughed and screamed until our throats were sore. We made jokes about how screaming and dancing on street corners is really good cardio. (IT'S TRUE, TRY IT.) And then suddenly, somewhere in the distance a man started playing the Star Spangled Banner on his trumpet. It felt unreal, like a mass hallucination, we couldn't even figure out where the music was coming from. Finally we found the trumpeter standing in a second story window down the block. We sang along to our national anthem and we soaked in some victory.

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