Sunday, May 20, 2007

apartment hunt

My step-grandpa (i.e. my step-mom's dad) is moving into a smaller house (he can't really do stairs anymore, so he's moving into a place without stairs) and his move just happens to coincide with an impending move for me (i'm looking for a one bedroom apartment in either los feliz, silverlake, beachwood canyon, echo park, hollywood, or eagle rock) (so if you know of an amazing apartment, please give me a heads up) (thanks), so I spent the entire day helping my step-grandpa move out of his place, and looting his house for furniture (I scored a queen-sized bed, a dining room table, a Lazy Boy chair, a TV, and an entire kitchen's worth of pots and pans) (very exciting) and now I'm beat. I might have an apartment lined up in Beachwood Canyon (cross your fingers, it's an awesome apartment, and I'd be Laural Meade's neighbor, which would freaking rock), but that place might not work out, so, seriously: if you know of an amazing one-bedroom apartment, hit me up with the deets. Thank you.


Sherry Angel said...

Love seeing these updates that are so detailed and give such a clear picture of the progress Uma is making. Each step does add up to very major progress that I know is hard to see every day. Your love and dedication to Uma is awesome. I know that whatever you need will be provided--just ask. Uma is very much in my thoughts every day, and I know that is true for so many others. You are both truly amazing.

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