Monday, May 14, 2007

a quick post about various random things and Taye Diggs' ass

I'm sitting here with Uma at her place right now. John had a music gig today, so Uma and I have been hanging. We had a long (good) day, out and about in the world (we went to the Glendale Galleria, and then we tried to go to see Disturbia, but we both thought the movie was super boring and we ended up walking out midway through) (but even though we didn't finish the movie, it was still Uma's first trip to a movie theater since her damned brain aneurysm, and that was pretty cool), and now we're both sitting at our respective lap tops, checking email--which is pretty damned cool, too.


Okay, I started writing the above blog post, but then Uma and I got sidetracked by a little game that we like to call 100 Questions. (Marie coined the name of the game.) Uma read an email from my step-dad and she wanted to reply to the email, but she's still kind of flumoxxed by keyboards, so she had me type out the email for her. She had something very specific she wanted to say in her reply email, but she couldn't express what it was...which is when the 100 Questions game kicked into gear. Anyway, Uma was incredibly frustrated, but after an hour (YES, AN HOUR), I finally figured out that she wanted to thank Joe for the column he wrote about her. She was very relieved when we finally figured out what she wanted to say. (And Urp, I'm sorry it took so long, but at least we figured it out!)

If you've sent Uma an email and you haven't gotten a response, this anecdote should help explain WHY it's taking so long for you to get a response--most likely, Uma hasn't even read your email yet, because writing reply emails are sometimes such time consuming things! Anyway, we finally figured it out and Uma and I were both incredibly relieved and now I'm too tired to write a more complete blog entry. I'm just gonna go ahead and post this though because I have been neglecting the blog and I feel guilty about that.


Oh, on a completely unrelated note (and when did I ever care aboout segues on the blog anyway?), I have such a crush on Boo from the latest edition of Survivor. Like, a HUGE, massive crush. I wanna have his babies. I wish he had won the million dollars. He totally should have because he managed to get hotter every single episode and that MUST count for something, right???


I've received 4 theater rejection letters in the past seven days. I actually LIKE getting rejection letters because (1) a lot of the time you submit your work somewhere and you don't ever even hear ANYTHING, so at least a rejection letter lets you shut the book on that particular submission, and (2) you've gotta go through a lot of rejection in this business, so every time I get a rejection letter I figure that means I'm one step closer to another production, another YES. (As a sort of bonus, the four rejection letters I've received this week have been some of the most positive rejection letters I've ever received, so they managed to crush my soul and feel happy about it at the same time.) (Just kidding about the "crush my soul" part, I'm made of stronger stuff than that.)


Taye Diggs is naked on TV right now and Angela Bassett is totally rubbing his butt.


Doug said...

I started watching Survivor this season only a few weeks before the end because of a lull in my regular shows, and I totally kept watching it because of Boo. So hot. The man needs to start up a porn career-- though his whole "Christian" speech to Dreamz at the last tribal council sort of turned me off, but I've decided to block that out and wallow in the memories of the sweaty days before that disappointing moment.

Zacki said...

So this weekend while taking a break from painting my new place, I was watching this show my roommate and I have become obsessed with: The New Dotch Cooking Show. (It's on Saturday's at 8pm on like channel 22. The show is basically a strange cooking competition with a panel of Japanese celebrities who after chosing which chef's food looks better, have to end up in the majority to be able to eat. The stakes are high too as they are starved for 24 hours ahead of time. All the ooing and ahhing is hilarious.) I digress.... This week's theme was brain food. I instantly thought of Uma. I've been following the blog for a while now and wondered if any dietary planning had been done based on the science of food for Ms. Uma? This was actually really fascinating stuff they had chosen as ingredients, each aided in redirecting, rebuilding, and strengthening existing connections of the receptors in the brain. The first food was canned Sardines. I know, not the most apetizing, but apparently very good for helping redirect the flow of traffic in an aging or damaged brain. The next was anything with lots of Lecithin in it, so they suggested Walnuts. These are often used by students in Japan while cramming as it helps retain and re-inforce memory. The last food suggested were fresh steamed or fried small clams. Anything you do to stew them apparently takes out the B12 that they are so rich in which is what you're looking for. I'd be interested to see what else other cultures might suggest too.

Anyways, just thought i'd share those little tidbits with you.


Jesse said...

Boo is a tool, which he proved during the jury portion.