Thursday, May 31, 2007


I'm watching the National Spelling Bee Championship on my Tivo right now. These kids are amazing. Tia Thomas just got knocked off after misspelling the word "zacate." I'm only 15 minutes into the 2 hour show and Tia was totally the speller I was rooting for. Now who am I gonna root for? ALL OF THESE KIDS SHOULD WIN. Oh my god, it's so tense, I can't stand it. Every time someone says the wrong letter, my stomach knots up. God, I can't bear it.

Last weekend, Uma and Marie and I had dinner at Brian and Aubree's house (they made the most amazing dinner) (gnoche) (so freaking good) (seriously) (I really like gnoche and this was definitely the best gnoche I've ever had) (though I'm not sure if I'm spelling the word "gnoche" right) (which would be ironic and sad, seeing as I'm watching a kid trying to spell the word "bouleuterion" right now) (ooooo, he forgot the first "o") (I don't know if I can watch this, it's too hardcore) and at dinner (or after dinner, rather) Brian mentioned that I haven't blogged about my bowel movements lately, and so I just wanted to say that I had a really satisfying poop tonight. You know, the kind that wipes totally clean, on the first wipe. So refreshing.

Okay, one of the ousted spellers just made me cry. I need to focus and hope this kid Joseph Henares spells "punaise" correctly.

UPDATE: Okay, now I'm rooting for Matthew Evans to win. He's the youngest person left in the competition and the only competitor to be a veteran of four challenges. It should be his year. Genizah!

UPDATE: Dammit, Evan O'Dorney just spelled "schuhplattler" correctly, and now I want HIM to win, because he come on: schuplattler? Dude so deserves to win.

UPDATE: Okay, Matthew Evans is gone now, foiled by a silent "u" and a silent "d." Now I'm fully on Team O'Dorney. Come on, schuhplattler.

UPDATE: Sorry, scratch that: now I want Isabel Jacobson to win. Epaulement!

UPDATE: Okay...Isabel's we're down to the final two. O'Dorney and the canadian kid...and...THE SPELLING BEE RAN LONG AND MY FREAKING TIVO DIDN'T TAPE THE END. Wow, I'm gonna have to google to find out who won. That's a letdown.

UPDATE: O'Dorney won! Woo-hoo! Winning word: serrefine!

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