Monday, August 06, 2007

Heinz Ketchup

A few weeks ago, I posted a high school diary entry where I talked about seeing my eight-year-old brother Josh performing a scene and a song for some class and I pontificated on Josh's future as an actor. (If you don't recall my particularly mortifying pontifications--and I use the word "pontificate" twice because there really ain't no other word for the kind of diary writing I was doing--I pondered: "Is this a beginning? As much as I hope it is, pity he who goes into acting for a living, for I know there isn’t much out there to make a living off of in ratio to the number of actors out there.")

Well, fourteen years down the pike, my brother Josh is now twenty-two and he's not an actor--no, he's pursuing a career that's probably even more difficult to break in to: he's currently going to film school to become a director. And I don't think I'm being biased when I say he's pretty damned good at it. I just think he's just pretty damned good at it.

He has a short little film on youtube right now, a commercial for Heinz Ketchup--Heinz is holding a contest for the best 30-second commercial, and they're giving the winner 57 thou. They have a committee of judges who are narrowing the videos down to 15, then a popular vote chooses the winner. I imagine that the number of times a commercial has been viewed on youtube might affect the judges selections--you never know--so I want to spread the word and get my brother's commercial gets more "views." So if you have 30 seconds (I mean, hello: it's only 30 seconds), please check out my bro's video. It's below. Just click on the "play" triangle.


Anonymous said...

can i vote for it somewhere? i know the (alive(as opposed to un-dead)) actress in it! hi, tiffni! we were in a play together in san diego.

word verification sentence:
fat eileen orgasms yearly, citing your inept gynecology.

Anonymous said...

the word verification sentences are back!

Erik said...

wait, but i'm not getting the word verification letters anymore when i leave comments! Is that because it's my blog???

Erik said...

and who was the anonymous who did a play with the living actress???

you can't vote for the commercial YET--the only videos that go to a public vote are the final fifteen, which are chosen by Heinz.

Zacki said...

Your bro's vid is great!