Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Sum of All Years: 30

Bonnie posts yearly life updates called The Sum of All Years on her blog on her birthday every year, and ever since I first read through all of the sums of all of her years I've wanted to do my own. I figure 30's a good year to start. (It is a pretty cool fucking birthday, after all.)

What is The Sum Of All Years? I'll let Bonnie explain: "The Sum Of All Years is an autobiography where the word count for each post is limited to the corresponding age for that entry." Pretty simple, pretty cool.

So here's my first entry...


The Sum of All Years: 30

Family craziness. I feel like a “man.”
Uma’s brain explodes, but we make miracles happen: healing, speech, love.
Professional screenwriter, breakdown goes out on my birthday.
New home, new hope(s).


One of these days I'll get around to writing entries for the 29 years that are currently sumless, but for now I'm just gonna say a toast to the end of my twenties and say hello to a decade I'm really looking forward to. Salut!


Doug said...

Happy 30's, Erik!!

christy said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Lanie said...


30's will be amazing!

Love you!

Gina said...

Happy Happy Birthday Erik! Your 30's will totally ROCK YOUR WORLD!

Love you!!!!

Anna said...

Feliz Cumpleanos!! have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey Erik,

So... have you accomplished any of those goals for being 30 yet?

Happy birthday big guy.


communicatrix said...

Happy birthday, youngun! I didn't realize that you and my baby sister are, like, exactly the same age (she turned 30 on Friday!) I think that makes me your big sister 10x removed, or something.

Erik said...

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! I had a great birthday!

Erik said...

And Colleen, that's SO cool that your sister is only five days older than me. Way weird. We are totally siblings ten times removed. Why not be!

j-dō said...

happy birthday... a little late.

i thought about you yesterday and i sent you lots of mental birthday wishes.

i guess they worked since you had a great day.

jeremy said...

Eeep! I'm so late on this!
Happy Bday Erik!

Erica said...

the dirty thirty, erik! i hope to spend lots of time with you in this decade. don't forget- planes fly east too! you're always welcome here in in beantown. love you.