Thursday, March 01, 2007

Love for Uma, Waiting for Uma, Graffitti for Uma (a.k.a. a whole buncha photos)

I'm posting a bunch of photos, some of these are photos I've been meaning to post for a while and some are new, but they are all for Uma. I'm gonna split them up into three sections.



(the following photos were all taken while I was in New York, I'm not sure of the dates of any of them, they were all taken by my cell phone and I finally emailed them to myself so I could post them)

These first few photos are of Sladiee and Elman, their mom Linda is in the hospital bed diagonally across from Uma's bed. Linda also had a brain aneurysm burst--about ten days after Uma did--and she's going through pretty much the same thing that Uma's going through.

This is Sladiee:

This is me and Sladiee:

This is Elman:

This is Elman, refusing to pose for a photo. He doesn't realize it, but this photo is SUCH an Uma photo. I seriously have dozens of photos of Uma running away from my camera, trying to block the photo with her hand. It is SO classic Uma:

We spent a lot of time with Sladiee and Elman in the waiting room and really bonded with them and I think about them every day. Next time you say a prayer for Uma, please say a prayer for their mom Linda too. Sladiee is a stage manager and every day I visualize writing a play, that Uma acts in, that Sladie stage manages, that John composes music for, and that Linda and Elman fly out to see, and we're all healthy and happy and following our dreams.

This next photo is John and his brother Wayne. Wayne is an awesome man. John's an awesome man too. Their parents should be fucking proud. I think this photo was taken on one of my last day's in New York, Marie and I had gone out on a McDonald's run and we bought way too much McDonald's for human consumption. Yet everything was consumed.
The next three photos are from one random night when we all took a break from the waiting room to go get some dinner at this random restaurant around the corner that served WAY TOO MUCH food, and none of us finished anything, and we all took home leftovers, but I don't think any of our leftovers got eaten. This first photo is John making a funny "I'm trying to decide what I want to order" face:

This is Ken, eating an enormous ice cream sundae that, inexplicably, none of us would help him finish:

This is Uma's dad, Nithi. I really like this photo. Nithi reminds me of Uma in a lot of ways. He's got a great laugh:

The next two photos are of John and Nithi, chatting in the waiting room:

Okay, this next photo is Marie and Erica and I swear they are texting EACH OTHER:

This is me writing an Uma update on the 10th floor:

GRAFFITTI FOR UMA: (I love all of the graffitti so much) (it's so fucking cool) (one of Erica's friends saw a piece of Uma graffitti, totally randomly) (how cool is that?) (like I said, fucking cool, that's how cool) (keep it up)


Erik said...

I haven't posted a comment in my blog in over a month!

Erik said...

Okay, that's really annoying that the title of this post makes the above comment illegible. It reads:

"I haven't posted a comment in my blog in over a month!"

I also forgot to claim "first."

Erik said...

Anyway, I just thought that this comment thread needed some love.

It's so hard not being in New York anymore and I just wish that I could call her--that's hard, not being able to call her. I wish she had a phone next to her fucking hospital bed and that we could all make phone calls to her.

She will be back in Los Angeles very soon. It will be so good when we can all visit her all the time. I'm sure she misses all of her amazing friends.

Anonymous said...


I know what you mean, and it must be hard for you to not be there. Every little movement and change and anything has meant the world for the past couple of weeks, and it's hard to not immediately know about every tiny little movement and change.

I love all of these pictures. I know that you're like a proud papa with all of these stuff, and you're always saying that everything that everyone sends is wonderful (which is totally, totally true) but I am going to say that I DO have a favorite of all of the pictures and it belongs to Joe Angel.

Also, I really like the photos of Nithi and John talking because a) it's cool that they "hang out" and it's going to be so weird for Uma, and b) it's like they're taking turns gesticulating wildly.

Thanks for all that you're doing for Uma. You need to make another Umameter! A bigger one.


Anonymous said...

Dear Erik,

I didn't know that you had so many... friends.


Eleanor said...

I think Elman has mono. He was always sleeping. Or tired.