Wednesday, March 07, 2007

good morning awesomeness

I just got the most awesome text message from John. I kinda wish that I'd been keeping all of my text messages and transcribing all of them to eventually show to Uma because I'm sure they'd tell her story pretty well. But I've become such an avid text messager that my cell phone is always telling me there's no more room for more text messages and then I have to delete a few dozen messages so that I have room for new ones. Anyway, here's the text I just received from John:

"She's out of the ICU and in her own room."

This is so fucking awesome I can't even deal. Seriously. It's HUGE progress to be out of the ICU. And not only is it actual huge progress, but it's something that Uma can see, it's proof. Proof that she's not going to be in that hospital forever, proof that she is indeed going to continue to progress, proof that she's going to keep getting better and fucking BETTER!


Addicted to Carl said...

Go UMA!!!

Anonymous said...

lindsay lindsay

doug said...


-K- said...

Such good news. I've been following her progress and sending herhealing messages since reading about this (at Franks Wild Lunch).

Jesse said...

best thing I have heard in awhile.

jeremy said...

awesome! that's great!

Anonymous said...

Go, Uma, go!

This is such good news. Especially for Uma, she's not really a room-sharing person.

She will indeed leave, she will fight fight fight and be all better.

Keep your peckers up.