Sunday, March 11, 2007

(so many danged CAT scans)

Uma had another CAT Scan today (so many danged CAT scans), I think it was her first CAT Scan since they put the shunt in, and the scan was okay but not as good as they were hoping. What that means is, they were hoping that the shunt would decrease the size of her ventricles significantly and it hasn't really done that. So nothing's worse, it's just not as much IMPROVED as they were hoping. Which means that they might have to go back in and change the shunt, or move the shunt slightly. Which isn't the end of the world and the doctors aren't really worried, but still: I think we've opened up Uma's head quite enough lately, so if you're a visualizer or a prayer, if you could focus on Uma's shunt working as damned well as a shunt can work, that would be pretty awesome.

Speaking of pretty awesome, one of my favorite things about being a writer is being able to do it in the most random of places, and I'm working on a new pitch and I decided to work at the beach today, and it was a beautiful day, so I took some photos of the day's splendorificness. Check them out:

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-K- said...

I'm glad she's continuing to improve.