Friday, April 13, 2007

Dry erase board "tests"

Uma had a really good day today, lots of therapy and she's making steady progress. During speech therapy, the therapist encouraged us use the dry erase board to write words for Uma because it's easier for her to read them than to have to come up with them out of thin air. So after therapy ended, I spent an hour writing words for her and having her read them to me. She had varying degrees of success with the reading--some words were easier than others, sometimes she'd get stuck on a word, sometimes she's kind of get it but not quite. However, I gave her some "tests" to take on the dry erase boards, asking her to circle certain words and match certain words, and she got every single question right. No help from me, no hesitation. These are all really exciting signs. I took a few photos, these are just six of the tests that Uma got perfect scores on today:

(1) I asked her to match the names of family members and friends with their professions:

(2) I asked her to match specific dates with their significance:

(3) I asked her to match the names of favorite television characters with the names of the actors who portrayed them:

(4) I asked her to match the first names of friends with their correct last names:

(5) I asked her to circle the names of everyone who she's ever lived with:

There were more dry erase board "tests," but these were the ones I took pictures of. She got 100% correct on EVERYTHING i threw at her, even things like "circle the name of the street you live on" hidden within a list of numerous street names. This is so encouraging. We've been worried about her losing memories, but I feel like these little tests prove that a lot of her past is definitely still in there.

Oh, and we watched the Ellen Degeneres show, and when she started dancing we both got jiggy. I took some video. It's crappy video footage because I was dancing while I took it, so it's all shaky, but I'm posting it because I think it's nice to see Uma getting her groove on a little bit.

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Aimie said...

that video made my day! i can't wait to smoosh her with a hug. in a gentle way, of course. :)