Saturday, April 14, 2007

a very nice, relaxing saturday night

I just got home from having dinner with Uma, John, and Wayne (John's brother) at John and Uma's house. YEAH, you read that right. At their house. As in, not the freaking hospital. I have lots of other things to say, but before I get into a full-on post (I'm feeling tired and probably won't write up a new update until tomorrow) I just wanted to shout out to the world because, hello, how awesome is it that Uma is at home with John??? So awesome. We spent the evening hanging out on their couch watching American Idol, after eating a delicious meal of angel hair pasta with chicken and veggies (curtesy of John, the cook). Yes, there's a long road ahead, and Uma's already tired of therapy and frustrated that her words aren't all there yet. But the simple fact that Uma's at home is something to celebrate! Have a glass of wine with someone you love, splurge and order that piece of chocolate cake you weren't going to order, get up and dance. These are truly good times.


Colleen Kane said...

hey Erik-
Just saw this post! I am SO HAPPY to see Uma at home. I met your mom the other day out in Downey at rehab. talk to you soon


drc said...


I'm doing the happy dance for all of you!!!

SETH said...

Wow! It was my birthday on the 14th and that is one pretty sweet present.

It makes me very happy.

jeremy said...

Slow and steady wins the race

Sarah said...

WOAH!!!! I am so excited!!! I don't read the blog for a week and then of a sudden all this awesomness happens, I can't wait to read more! Tell Uma I said "Hi my favorite Darkie" and I will make arrangements to see her again as soon as it works for everyone. Thanks as always for an amazing blog, erik :)


goingRAWr! said...

i am so unbelievably happy!!! *dances*
love really does do amazing things.
i was having a shit day and you just made it about a kazillion times to infinity better!!

Anonymous said...

amazing! such good news...lindsay

Erica said...

we had a celebratory dinner last night complete with margaritas, in your honor! i am so proud of you, ums!