Saturday, April 07, 2007

some Uma videos

Check it out, Uma's Year of New Things is upgrading from still photos to video! I thought I'd post some of these very short videos (curtesy of John's cell phone and my cell phone) so you can see some of the amazing progress Uma's been making.

First, a video that John took yesterday (at least I think he took it yesterday) (regardless, it's recent). It shows Uma walking down the hall with one of her physical therapists. She's moving kind of slow because this was the end of a long physical therapy session.

(And remember, just a month ago, she was barely moving her right leg AT ALL) (so all of this movement really is quite wonderful and miraculous and exciting)

Walking on April 6th:

And to put the above video into some perspective, here are a couple of videos taken on March 24th that show Uma getting out of her wheelchair and walking. As you can see, her steps are much more tentative (and she needs a lot of help, as opposed to the above video where she's doing everything on her own and the physical therapist is acting more as a "spotter" in case Uma loses her balance).

Getting out of the wheelchair on March 24th:

Walking on March 24th:

And a sign of even MORE progress: Uma walked up and down two flights of stairs today! I took some video of her climbing the staircase, but for some reason my phone is refusing to email the videos to me right now, so check back later and hopefully I'll have them posted.


Mickey said...
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Mickey said...


Amazing videos, they make my heart glad. You and John bring Uma such amazing love and attention. Out here on the periphery I'm humbled.


Erik said...

Mickey, thank you for checking in, and for keeping Uma in your thoughts. I'm going to post a few more videos later, I'm still trying to upload them from my phone. She had a really good day today, lots of therapy, lots of work.

jess basta said...

oh my god! i saw the most recent video and couldn't help cheering her on!!! you go girl!!! i'm so proud of her - and blown away by her strength. GO UMA!!!! thanks for posting, erik.