Monday, July 30, 2007

good news, nothing to worry about

We just talked to both of Uma's doctors. John already sent the latest news out to his email list, so I'm going to cut and paste his update:

hi everyone,

dr. shevienk just came out, he's the neurosurgeon
here, and he said the 'neck remnant' of the aneurysm
has actually gotten smaller than it was in the
previous angiogram of feb. 16th. it is actually too
small for more coils and that it is probably too small
to clip as that might easily damage the main artery
the aneurysm protrudes from. so......he is 'without a
doubt' comfortable with waiting another six months for
another look. he said this is 'good news', the fact
that it has not gotten any bigger in the last six

just wanted to let you know - this will be on-going
but we will breathe a bit easier now.

with my whole heart i thank you for your prayers and
thoughts. thank you.

we will probably go home in a few hours!



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