Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Team Avril

I don't think she's getting enough support, so I just wanted to put out into the universe that I am on Team Avril. Am I so completely blinded by my love for her poppily infectious summer tune that I can't see what's to all of the people who are on Team Rubinoos the most obvious rip-off ever? Because seriously, I don't think the songs sound even one iota similar. I just don't hear it, I don't get it.

Judge for yourself.

Here's the rocking kick-ass Avril song (and I realize that I'm a punk for thinking Avril's kick-ass) (and not the kind of punk that Avril labels herself as) (the kind of punk that's, like, lame) (more Brewster than Daft) (as in Punky Brewster) (but whatevs cuz that's the way I roll) (I love the song and I'm not ashamed to admit it):

And here's the hum-drum, so-so Rubinoos song that (IMHO) sounds nothing like it:

Weighed all the evidence? Okay, now take this dandy poll:
I'm on:
Team Avril
Team Rubinoos
I refuse to take this poll because I'm a REAL punk.
You said poll.
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Rebecca said...

Yeah, they played both of these on the radio yesterday to compare and I was like... um, seriously? Not. Even. Close.

I am soooo on Team Avril!

Anonymous said...

I was just reading about this in the paper. And I can't play the videos on my computer because my computer is so punk, but I trust you so I'm going to play on Avril's team.


Aimie said...

um, i'm either supercool or dorky that i have no idea what this is about or have heard either song.

Erik said...

or you live in utah!