Friday, July 13, 2007

I just took two Tylenol PM

Am I the only one who just realized that we have the power to vote for who's going to be on the next season of The Real World, and we only have four more days to get our vote on??? And seriously, is everyone else out there as excited about this as I am? We have to use our power wisely and vote in crazy-ass people who are gonna be good drama on the Challenges.

(If you're not obsessed with MTV, then this post probably reads like another language to you, and I apologize for that.) (I almost wrote "and I apologize to that.") (Which would have been a weird thing to say, but I kind of like it.) (Not that it makes any sense.)

(Remember that thing I posted about Jell-O a couple of days ago? That didn't really make any sense either.)

(It's because I have a terrible cold and between yesterday and today and the day before yesterday, I've literally blown a gallon of snot out of my nose.) (My cousin Ilene gave me a Michael J. Fox movies-on-DVD collection today and it was the greatest early-birthday present ever.) (He is so hot it's out of control.) (Especially in the photo they used for the DVD box cover.) (I defy you to look at that box cover and not think that Michael J. Fox is the definition of hotness.) (Thank you, Ilene. Maybe you didn't give me an available gay man for my birthday, but the Michael J. Fox movies are a close second.)

(Oh, by the way, I'm in Washington D.C. right now, at a family reunion, and this is basically the first time I've been online in two days, and it's weird to be away from the internet for such a long period.) (I mean, okay, I did use my cousin's computer to read a few of my daily blog reads, but besides that, I've been completely off-line, and that's been strange.) (I think maybe I have an addiction to the internet.) (Like, if three hours go by and I haven't checked my email, I feel a little kink in my back.) (Not a literal kink, a metaphorical one.) (Oh my god I can't stop staring at Michael J. Fox.)


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, you crack me up! You're so welcome for MJF! Can I watch them with you sometime??

Erik said...

you can TOTALLY watch them with me ANYTIME.