Wednesday, July 11, 2007

orange Jell-O, blue hand

I'm such a bad cook that I don't even know how to make Jell-O correctly, apparently. How do you fuck up making Jell-O? I thought it was going to be the most simple thing to make. And, fine, yes, I made it and it's Jell-O, but there's barely any there. The damned box says it makes enough for four servings, and maybe I'm a pig, but still--there's no way this is supposed to be four servings:

In other, completely non-Jell-O related news, I was driving home from Rite-Aid earlier today, trying to open a plastic container, and using a Bic pen to open said plastic container, and instead of opening the freaking plastic container I broke the fucking pen and spilled blue ink all over my hand, and I've washed my hand, like, seven times, but it's still kinda blue.


Anonymous said...

screw the paltry jell-o. show us the blue hand!


Erik said...

Peter, I didn't take a photo of the hand last night, and now (after a few more scrubbings) it's finally fucking clean.