Saturday, October 28, 2006

New Things #173-175, including bad soup

New Thing #173: Tonight, for dinner, I decided to try to get creative in the kitchen and I invented something I like to call Corn Pea Soup.

Unfortch, it's neither as good as it sounds, nor as good as it looks. (And I understand that it doesn't look very good.) (Which is to say, it was really bad.)

New Thing #174: I discovered and started using bloglines. (Thanks to communicatrix and her post HERE.) (Basically, bloglines is this website that helps you manage the blogs you read and tells you when people update.) (And colleen, I understand that your post was saying that you wanted to be freed from the tyranny of bloglines because of how it reminded you of all of the blogs you hadn't read--at least that's how I interpreted your desire to "mark all read"--but bloglines still sounds like a timesaver to me because now I don't have to click through all of my links to see which ones have updated--now I KNOW when they've been updated--which is exciting to me) (for now, at least)

New Thing #175: I saw the new Beth Henley play, Ridiculous Fraud, at SCR tonight. The play itself is slightly slight (things pick up in the second half, which was much stronger than the first), but it its own charm and a sweetness to it that I enjoyed. And the cast was great (especially Nike Doukas) (who I know) (and who's always so much fun to watch onstage) (and the three guys who played the brothers were also really good). All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable night at the theater.


Anonymous said...

First of all my advice is always to add salt! (What's actually in your soup, by the way?)
Second, since yours is the only blog I read, I guess I don't need bloglines.
Third, I reall enjoyed your previous blog entry about the party...but there were already 29 comments, so I figured the chances of you actually reading mine if I wrote one now were pretty slim, but I was thoroughly entertained.


Jesse said...

Vomit in a bowl! that's what you invented.

Erik said...

Ilene, i ALWAYS read EVERY comment (they come to my email account). And i try to reply to every comment, too, but sometimes I forget, like for instance sometimes I check my email on my phone and so I'll see a comment there and not be able to go to my blog to reply immediately and then it might slip past me. BUT I ALWAYS SEE THEM AND READ THEM.

Glad you were entertained by the party blog entry.

And I DID add salt to the soup, but it still didn't taste any good. (Garlic salt.)

Erik said...

JESSE: you're right, I think it WAS vomit in a bowl. Looks like it at least, doesn't it. Ew.

Erik said...

The only problem i can see with bloglines so far is that it doesn't tell you when there are comments on other blogs and I like to read comments.

communicatrix said...

Oy! Erik, do I need to post about soup for you? Because really, Corn-Poop-Pee soup both sounds and looks wretched.

I need to find some good, E-Z recipes and send them to you. Or I could just tell you to get the Monday - Friday cookbook, by Michelle Urvater. That and Jane Brody's Good Food Book are how I learned how to cook.

Erik said...

communicatrix: I thought that adding garlic salt was supposed to make ANYTHING taste good. I guess I should take a cooking class. I'm really kinda hopeless in the kitchen. I'll keep an eye out for the books you mentioned. I need to start learning how to make real foods.

Erik said...

Ilene, the soup was literally:

corn soup as a base (from a box)
frozen peas (from a bag)
and garlic salt (from a shaker)

I know, gross.