Monday, October 30, 2006

Pirate Mystery Man

My dad's birthday is this upcoming Friday (happy early birthday, dad!) and to celebrate we went to this crazy Pirate dinner theater in Buena Park tonight. It was kinda like Mideaval Times, except with Pirates. And everything's more fun with pirates, so we had a good time. Of course, Dad wanted everyone to dress as pirates, and since it was his birthday we all obliged. (Dad gets te award for best costume, though, and not just because it's his birthday--his costume actually was the best). My costume was kinda hodge-podge, but it did the trick. Anyway, after the Pirate Party, I went to a coffeeshop to do some writing and I totally forgot that I looked like this:

I mean, I had taken off my bandana and the scarf and the pirate shirt and all of that, but I had completely forgotten that I'd painted a mustache and goatee onto my face with mascara. It didn't hit me until I got back into my car after writing for two hours, but no one said anything and I didn't notice any strange looks, so people must have assumed I was getting a head-start on Halloween.

--On a total side note, there was this guy sitting in front of us at the Pirate show. He was really into it, it was also his birthday (I know this because they told everyone who was celebrating a birthday to stand up and this guy stood up), and he kept turning around and looking at us to make sure we were cheering and booing at all of the right moments (the show involved a lot of cheering and booing) (when I say that he was looking at us, it wasn't in a bad way, it was more like he was being a courteous host or something and he really just wanted to make sure that everyone was having a good time) and I knew the guy looked familiar and I realized pretty quickly that he was an actor and I'm usually really good at knowing where I know actors from (I never mistake actors for people I went to school with, even character actors; no, I'm usually like, "oh, the guy sitting next to us is the guy who played Angela's English teacher in that one episode of My So-Called Life," or "that woman in front of us in line is Neil Schweiber's mother who was also Working Girl's secretary!"), but I couldn't place the guy in front of us during the Pirate dinner theater and it really started to frustrate me, so I even tried to take his picture with my camera phone so I wouldn't forget his face and I could think on it later, but it was really dark in the theater and he was wearing an eyepatch so my picture isn't very helpful:

BUT as I was typing the above paragraph, it was like I suddenly stopped trying so hard to figure out where I knew him from and then I had a very clear image of him on Desperate Housewives and for a second I thought I was going to remember who he played...but then it slipped away again. It's going to keep bugging me until I figure it out. I'm annoyed now. I have to go to bed. Teaching English tomorrow and then I have to write in the afternoon so I have pages to bring to my writing group in the evening. (Actually I already have pages that I wrote today that I could bring, but I'm trying to finish this play by next week, so I'd love to get 10 more pages written tomorrow afternoon. We'll see.) (O, on a sidenote, as I write this I still have my eyeliner mustache, but the eyeliner goatee is gone.) (I washed the goatee off when I got home, but I liked the mustache so I left it.) (But now I'm going to wash it so I don't get mustache smears on my pillow.) (O, and don't you think we should start going back to the more Shakespearian and hearty "O" instead of the continuing to rely on the quotidian "Oh" we've all gotten so boringly used to?)


aimie said...



i was thinking of having my party at the pirate show! i just looked it up online this week!

is it better than medieval times?

Anonymous said...

maybe dude kept turning around because he was recognizing y-o-u from your now famous blog. i'm just - you're HUGE!

Anonymous said...

The fact that my family...all 13 of you kids/step-kids/friends... could dress up and act crazy was the best present I could have. I am blessed. The way I feel cannot be expressed in words, so I won't.
bloggingly, DAD

Erik said...

Aims you should totally have a party there! That would be fun!

oooooooo and your birthday is coming up REALLY soon!

Erik said...

Linds, you are too kind. xoxo

Erik said...

Dad, it was an awesome time. Bloggingly with love,