Monday, October 30, 2006

Urine, I'm in, We're all in, for urine. (That makes no sense whatsoever, but whatever: New Thing #176.)

New Thing #176: Today I decided that even though I may not have the urge or desire to pee more than once a day, I do have the ability to pee more than than once a day, and whether I want to or not my body probably needs to and so I should probably just go ahead and pee more often.

I blame my amazing bladder on my mother for enrolling me in preschool before I was potty trained. We weren't allowed to wear diapers at the preschool and since I wasn't yet fully potty-trained I would just hold it in every day until I got home. I remember this very clearly. Suppressing my need to pee. Holding it in. It's probably my earliest memory. Weird.

But that can't be good for me. Most people pee several times a day. I'm sure it prevents things like kidney stones. I bet it's medically proven. So I'm going to make a concerted effort to pee more often.

(I am so so sorry that I felt the need to write a blog entry about my urination habits, but I figure most of you have come to expect that from me by now.) (But I'm sure this post will give certain googlers a thrill.) (Pee googlers.)


drc said...

Holding your pee can definitely cause problems...bladder infections, kidney infections, kidney stones, etc.

You should go whenever you can.

Besides, if you hold it and sneeze, don't you piss your pants?

Jesse said...

once a day is NUTZ!

like only in the morning? So you don't go before you go to bed?

Unless...pee control is your super power.

Erik said...

It's not that I don't go when I feel the urge. I go whenever I feel the urge. I'm just saying that I usually only feel the urge, like, once a day. Maybe twice. But mostly once.

christy said...

I've always heard it said that your memory starts with your first negative memory...

I'm pretty sure mine is being inside a sleeping bag at Cape Cod and my dad had the top cinched shut and was shaking me up and down...

And he thought I was laughing so he kept doing it but I was like really, really crying.


Anonymous said...

Please remind me on Yom Kippur to apologize again for enrolling you in preschool before you were fully potty trained. It's just that you were 3-years-old and it seemed time for you to make this rite of passage. But you probably weren't quite ready. I think I was just afraid you really liked pooping and peeing in your pants and would never give it up if you didn't have to.

Please forgive me for rushing you in your potty training process and please pee more often.


Erik said...

Mom, when I said that I blamed you for letting me go to preschool unpotty trained, I didn't mean that I blame you blame you. I mean, I understand. It's all good. I needed to get on the pot and shut up. (Do you like how I twisted that cliche? I did that one on purpose.) Anyway, we don't need to wait for Yom Kipper. I forgive you.


Erik said...

christy, oy! how scary that must have been!

I once fell out of a car when I was five and I tought I was in the foot area of the car because it was really dark but in reality my eyes were just closed and I was on the street. That was scary too.

But being shaked in a sleeping bag is even scarier.