Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Book Club: Sophie's Choice (new thing #177)

I know I said I wouldn't be blogging this week, and that's still true (this isn't a real post).

Several people (Lindsay, Aimie, Michal, Rabbit, PAM, Christy, communicatrix, Mrs. Kickass) expressed interest in reading Sophie's Choice with me and I set up a New Blog where we could all share our thoughts. (Even if you haven't expressed interest in reading the book, you can still participate!)

GO HERE: www.myyearofnewbookclubs.blogspot.com/

Bookmark it, favorite it, whatever it: just read Sophie's Choice and share your thoughts there!

(New Thing #177: I started an online book club.)


Anonymous said...

1st. damn...i better buy the book.

aimie said...

woohoo!!!! can you change the privacy settings?

Erik said...

My only suggestion re: privacy settings (which I can't change) is: if you want to remain anonymous with your comments about the book, you could create an alternate book club persona, i.e. comment under a pseudonym?