Friday, November 03, 2006

November 3rd...


(I haven't been near my scanner all day, so I'll post some birthday photos for you in the morning...)


aimie said...

happy birthday, erik's dad! thank you for raising one of the most wonderful people on the planet. that must make you a pretty wonderful person, too! haaaaappppyyyy birthday!!!!

Anonymous said...

Honesty moment...Most of the credit goes to PAM and Stepdad Joe.
But I do take credit for Erik's amazing good looks. And a certain amount of his humor and odd way of looking at the world may have come from all the weird movies I took him to when he was way too young to be watching weird movies.
But if one is seen as "wonderful" by the freinds he keeps then I AM the most wonderful person on the planet because of my 4 very special freinds...Erik/Josh/Matt/Mike.
Thanks for the kind words.
Bloggingly, DAD

Erik said...

Ahhhhh Daaaad. You should definitely take some credit (and yes, especially for the weird sense of humor).
Sorry I haven't posted birthday pics yet! This week is going to be a slow blogging week because I'm working every day and I have to finish writing a play by Friday...ah!
bloggingly, your oldest son