Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I had a lunch meeting yesterday, and as we were leaving the restaurant we noticed lonelygirl15 also having a lunch meeting. How random is that? I saw lonelygirl15! (If you have no idea who lonelygirl15 is, then this doesn't mean anything to you, but if you DO know who lonelygirl15 is, then, well, right about now you're totally like I can't believe Erik saw lonelygirl15.) (On a scale of how big it is, it's bigger than seeing Britney Spears but it's not as big as seeing Jake Gyllenhaal.) (Obviously.)


TheDarkerUma said...


fuckin xerox us pre orgasm

Erik said...

You've never heard of lonelygirl15???!??!?

jewish sailors ignore gay lawyers

drc said...

That's so cool. But then, you do live in LaLa Land so you get to see all sorts of "celebrities"

in mightily charming methodology susie jumps ship

Erik said...

i'm loving that the word verification phrases are back.

urp, yours is just dirty.

and drc, yours makes me want to know more about susie. she seems like a nice gal (even though she's jumping ship--the fact that she's charming while she does it makes me want to jump with her)

young billy understood jesus precisely

Anonymous said...

I'd do the whole word verification phrase thing, too but I'm pooped, totally. And besides my word verification is GLAMU QT, which seems like a pretty useful thing in and of itelf, like a q-tip with sparkles. Oh, and welcome back Erik, I missed you.

Erik said...

Thank you Doug! Last week was just a super busy week, but I am back to the blog, and hopefully with a vengeance.

Anonymous said...

1. i love the phrase "hopefully with a vengeance." it's like you are absolutley, passionately, maybe going to blog a bunch.
2. i thought uma's word verification phrase was actually part of her comment, and that she meant "next time send a memo before you get so excited about some girl i don't know so i'll know what the hell you are talking about." I think "fuckin xerox pre orgasm" will sweep the nation...any day now.


Erik said...

I love the phrase "absolutely, passionately, maybe" because it starts out so wildly gung-ho and then it has that huge caveat at the end. I'm going to start using that phrase. "I will absolutely, passionaately, maybe come to your birthday party." "I absolutely, passionately, maybe liked the play." I love it!

vulgar hobos play footsie during erik's wedding

christy said...

banging xylophones ferociously, you can't win

(i don't have anything to add, i just like the word verification game)

christy said...

x-rays rotate out your quease

christy said...

turn 'round, fear not, rage dies

(okay that's my last one)