Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Another list, another plug

I have never worn a skin-tight lime green spandex superhero costume.
I have never walked through the streets of Downtown LA in the above mentioned skin-tight lime green spandex superhero costume that I have never worn.
I have never made out with five women at the same time while wearing the above mentioned skin-tight lime green spandex superhero costume that I still haven't ever worn.

I have never been covered in raw sausage links.
I have never had a swordfight with a stuffed animal.
I have never been a super cool monster fighter.

Oh, wait. Yes, I have. I’ve done ALL OF THESE THINGS. And I did them in my friend Marvin Solomon’s movie, The Way of the Monster.

My friend Will Watkins, who designed the monsters in the movie, is having an “artapalooze” this Saturday night at The Brewery, where he’s gonna show off some of his artistic creations and they’re also going to show a sneak preview of The Way of the Monster, which, if it’s as fun to watch as it was to make, is going to be brilliant.

Lots of coolness all around.

For more information about Saturday night, go here.


joe chandler said...

speaking of awesome hairstyles. i wear my best beard yet in this movie. assuming marv doesn't edit me out.

Erik said...

Joe, I'm not supposed to talk about hair anymore, remember? I vowed "no more talk about hair" in the last post. Fie on you.

Still, I hope Marv doesn't edit out you and your best beard too.

dustin said...

When you say raw sausage links.... That could either be really good or really bad.

Erik said...

Tell me about it.

Anonymous said...

marvin kicked my buttocks out!!!!

i played roman's mother and they aged me with make up and grey/gray hair. but clearly i ain't believable.

screw marvin!

"a bitter, hack of an actress"

Anonymous said...

I trust you won't mind if I skip this movie.