Thursday, February 16, 2006

Clink this.

In a previous post, we decided to shorten the phrase "click on this link" to "clink." Well, I've got a few things you can clink and I thought I'd share them with you. If you're bored at work and wanna waste a few minutes, then clink away:

Okay, so the Brokeback to the Future mock trailer is, in my opinion, better than this new mock Brokeback trailer I found, but Romance of the Jedi is still pretty damn funny. (And, since I know a lot of my blog readers are geeks, I think a lot of you will like it.) Update: For another Star Wars themed Brokeback trailer, very different, also very funny, clink. (People really are getting a lot of mileage out of this new mock trailer phenomenon. It's gonna get old any day now, so before that happens, clink, you know?)

Speaking of Brokeback, Jill Sobule (of I Kissed a Girl fame) wrote a funny song about about Dick Cheney and the dude he shot. (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES--he's not my Vice President--SHOT ONE OF HIS HUNTING BUDDIES???) Clink to listen to the sweet, sweet song. (via towleroad)

Also, if you love Tom Cruise and Oprah, you MUST clink (via The Sheila Variations) and clink.

And if you want to waste years of your life playing a dumb game that is disarmingly addictive, then clink. If you want to play the same game, but bloodier, then you should clink. (Thanks, Dad.)

Oh, and clink to read a fascinating article about hikikomori "shut-in" kids in Japan, a phenomenon that my friend Stephanie brought to my attention.

Oh, and did I mention that I've defined a second word in the Urban Dictionary, but this time I came up with the word too? (Clink.)

And while we're wasting time on the internet, is anyone else watching The Gauntlet 2 online-only "After the Show" interviews? Good stuff. Hours of entertainment.

Geez. I thought I was done with this post, but I keep finding new ways to waste time on the internet, and then I have to update this post. Damn the internet. Seriously. Damn it. I discovered the "word cloud" on Bonnie's blog, and you should go make your own. (Clink.) Here's mine:

Okay, so the word cloud is created out of words commonly found in your blog. The more common the word, the bigger it appears in the word cloud. I think it's really funny that "google" is the focal point of my word cloud. I really am obsessed with google. Like, way too obsessed. Like, what's wrong with me obsessed. Like, I should probably get help obsessed. And if my obsession wasn't apparent before, then now it's staring me in the face, via my word cloud. People are always like, "I don't remember how I got by before cell phones," or "I don't know how people got by before electricity," but I'm always like, "I don't know how people got by before google." Oh my god am I still talking about google? SOMEBODY STOP ME.

Okay, moving on, (I mean, seriously, Erik, move on), the other thing I love about my word cloud is that the words "peeing," "like," and "gonna" are so big, which means that those are three of the most used words on my blog. Peeing, like, and gonna.



Joe Chandler said...

323.5. I rule at penguin baseball.

Erik said...

Joe, you rule. I just got 316.6, but haven't been able to top that. I am going to best 325.5, though. Oh, yes I am.

Bonnie said...

I thumbsupped your mo' brainer and added my (ho)mo brainer variation. I think you should now add clink. Brilliant.

Best quote of the day: "I'd still rather go hunting with Cheney than parading with Kennedy."

the shorter story... said...

you're awesome...that's all i have to say :) oh, and i love that penguin kept me busy for hours while bored to death at benji!

Ralph Colby said...

Here is a version that is a little more twisted. I got a 696.1
So have fun... sorry about the little poor penguin.

Erik said...

Dad. I just got 694.3 on the bloody version. That one is super twisted, but just as addictive.

Ralph Colby said...

An added "Blog" note, I have a word in the "Urbandictionary"


Bloggingly, Dad

Anonymous said...

a google story for you, erik:

so, up here in google-landia, there are a lot of dorks (and cool kids, too - sorta) who work for said search engine.

i dated one... he was a sweet bundle of completely non-sexual geekiness - like, i REALLY didn't want to sleep with him.

but we had an enjoyable first date - because i am a good conversationalist. and it was fascinating to learn all about google, and how they do their employees dry cleaing and feed them constantly (they can even take leftovers home!).

so the next day he sent a huge bouquet of flowers to my office! i hadn't even kissed him (seriously - i had to tell my boss that i didn't put out). i hadn't even told the guy my address, but, of course, he googled it.

anyway, the flowers totally locked-in a second date for him. Which led me to wonder if there is a whole department at google entitled "let's get our dorks laid" where they can go in post-date and the getting-our-dorks-laid consultant will say: "flowers, definitely!" and then google foots the bill.

and if that department doesn't exist, then maybe i should pitch it to them, because that is a great freakin' idea. and then i could work there and never have to cook again.

also, the flowers didn't get him laid.

the end.

joe chandler said...

i think lindsey should have slept with the google guy...if you get flowers after the first date, you probably get stock options after the second.

Erik said...

Bonnie, thank you for the thumbs up--I went to go add "clink" and, would you believe it, I'm not as original as I thought I was--clink is already on the Urban Dick with my definition!

Jessica (aka AQR)--have you tried playing the bloody version of the penguin game?

Dad, I just went to the Urban Dick and there you are! That's awesome.

Bloggingly yours,

Erik said...

Oh my god. Lindsay. How much do I love that story? And how much do I want to date a google employee after reading that story? THIS MUCH. Seriously. I want to date a google employee so that I can not put out on the first date and then see if he would send me a huge bouquet of flowers the next day and prove your theory that they have a department to get their dorks laid. And then if he DID send me the bouquet of flowers, I would totally go on a second date with him and he would totally get lucky on the second date, just so that I could prove Joe's theory that they give stock options after the second date. It sounds brilliant.

Now, I have to ask, even though it sounds like there wasn't a third date, was the google dork cute at least?

And is northern california, aka "google-landia", literally, like, swimming in google dorks? Like, you can't go outside without bumping into one of them? Maybe I should consider moving up there because a google dork sounds nice.

You must keep us updated and let us know if you ever date another google dork again, or even if you don't date another google dork, then even if you have any more encounters with google dorks. Consider the comment section of My Year of New Things to be Google Central and keep the google-centric stories coming. I love it, I'm fascinated.


Anonymous said...

well, since you asked, i actually went on a total of 4 dates with him. he wasn't super cute, but i was giving him a chance. and i wish i could tell you that i am a majority shareholder with the company, but i am not.

he tried way too hard on the 2nd date (wore a tie to a restaurant that wasn't that fancy; was really over-the-top nervous when he couldn't find the place) - and when i went up to his apartment to use the bathroom before i left, he didn't even try to make a move. so, for the next date i decided it would be dinner and a movie at my home- we had to kiss just to see if maybe that would make me like him (that was the consensus among my friends).

BUT, here's the thing: i was on the three-man plan at the time.

So, the very evening before the third date, i went out on a first date with a really cute, hot, tall union organizer with whom i had amazing chemistry and ended up making out in the bar, against the wall outside the bar, in my car (in a house, with a mouse? no).

anyhoozle, meeting someone and sharing fantastic chemistry with him made it even more evident how bland things with the googler were.

so on our 3rd date, after the movie, he finally got up the nerve to kiss me. and we smooched. and it was bad. (and i have done some good kissing. this was not it.) it was tame and 1950s-like, with no being thrown up against a wall. AND, he started burbing, blaming it on the ethiopian food. so i think he was embarrassed, and i wasn't moved in any way, so we cuddled, watched SNL, he didn't make any more moves and then he went home.

i ended up meeting him and some of his friends at a baseball game after work and tried to convey "let's just be friends" with my body language. another friend of mine told me maybe i needed to kiss him AGAIN, and i was very clear that her idea sucked.

i dated the union organizer for three months. he never gave me flowers. or anything at all, in fact. but it was hot.(scratch that - he did burn a copy of a CD of his friend's band for me.)

yes, there are lots of googlers hanging around the bay area. the ones i have met haven't rocked my world. a lot of them are imported from around the country, and they are young, and making too much money and living in these really weird, techy suburbs. i have a friend who knows three hot mission-hipster googlers who all live together. That might be a breed i could get behind.

the moral of the story: date a hottie nonprofiter any day of the week because sex is better than flowers.


Erik said...

Lindsay, thank you for filling us in on the rest of the story. The google boy doesn't sound like much of a romancer--flowers without kisses but with burps, that ain't really a recipe for romance. But the mission-hipster googlers sound hot, and so does the union organizer. Yes, I think it sounds like you totally made the right decision to leave the googler for the union organizer. I approve.

Erik said...

This is not a comment about any of the above comments, nor is it a comment about this post. Rather, it's a question to anyone who might be reading this comment. Do you people know Imogen Heap, the singer? I mean, do you know her music? Are you listening to her? I just heard her cd for the first time and now it's on my ipod and I keep listening to it over and over because it's so fricken good. Any other Imogen Heap fans on my blog? Just wondering.

Bonnie said...

How much do I love that "cat" and "cats" are big in your word cloud? ;)


I'm sure your PAM is also pleased with her place in your word cloud. Hee!

Sorry you got scooped on "clink." I registered as an Urban Dick editor. There is some really iffy stuff in the "to approve or reject" cue over there.

Scary people on the Internets.

Not us, of course! ;)

Erik said...

Oh my god, Bonnie, you have to fill me in on all of the psychoness you're privy to as an editor of the Urban Dick. So much of the stuff that DOES get through is kinda psycho, so I can only imagine the things that DON'T get through. Oy gavolt.

Erik said...

And, yes, it is truly ironic that my word cloud is so obsessed with cats--it even has Tristan and Isolde in there!

Bonnie said...

Will do!

Bonnie said...

Hey, look! My Word Cloud def made it to the Urban Dick!


Go thumbsup me!