Tuesday, February 07, 2006

New Thing #34: Punkass

So, a few weeks ago, I called my mother (Sherry) "a punkass," because she is one.

And then she was like, "what's a punkass?"

And then I was like, "a punkass is someone who finds pleasure in stirring the proverbial pot."

And then my mother (Sherry) was like, "you're right, I am a punkass."

This was pretty much the conversation we had. Then I went to the online urban slang dictionary to see how they defined "punkass" and I was thoroughly annoyed by their definitions because I didn't think any of them were remotely right. I mean, I guess a couple of them were close, but my definition trumped them all, in my humble opinion.

So then, since all of the definitions in the online urban slang dictionary are provided by we, the people, I decided to submit my own definition. And I just went to the site to see if they were using my definition, and lo and behold, thar she is!

Therefore, New Thing #34: I defined a slang term in the online urban slang dictionary.


Bonnie said...

You... and your PAM... rock!!!

WTG, adding yourself to the urban dick lexicon!

You are my new favorite Kiki EVER!

Erik said...

How cool, right? What's even cooler is that four people have given my definition "thumbs up" which has thereby caused the definition to move up the list to #2. Next thing I'm gonna do is add "mo brainer" to the urban dick lexicon.

Anonymous said...

I so love my new name, and now it's legit. I am so cool.
Punkass and Proud

Bonnie said...

Awesome! I'm going to go thumbs-up your "mo" and your "PAM." I'm impressed. It's not every day you invent stuff.

How inspiring is your YoNT?!? Soooo inspiring!


Erik said...

I don't think they've posted my definition for "mo brainer" yet--it took about a week before the "punkass" definition was posted. Go thumbs it up!

And then, for reals, GET BACK TO WORK.