Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Help me plan a Disneyland Scavenger Hunt

I need your help.

My writing partner Jessica and I are currently working on a rewrite, and when we're done with it we're going to go to Disneyland to celebrate, and we've decided to go on a photographic scavenger hunt while we're there, just because we think it sounds like a fun thing to do (well, actually, we got the idea from one of the rolls of photos that I just got developed that had been in the trunk of my car for years--it was from a Disneyland trip we took, like, three years ago, and when we saw the photos we were like, "oh my god we have to go to Disneyland," and then we were like, "and we MUST take lots of photos") and so I've made a list of photographs that we're going to try to take while we're at Disneyland, and I thought I'd print the list here, hoping that my brilliant blog readers might make some more suggestions, because I think we still need more scavenger hunt items on the list.

Basically, we're going to do the scavenger hunt together. There isn't really a competition aspect to it. We're working as a team--we're just going to try to get as many of the photos as possible, and I've ranked them from easiest to most difficult and I've assigned point totals accordingly and the points don't really mean anything (because we're not, like, competing) (except, well, I guess we're competing with ourselves, because by the end of the day we want the biggest number we can possibly get) (some of the photos are probably impossible photos, but I put them on the list because I like the challenge) (anyway)

Here's what I've come up with so far. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated:

WORTH 50 POINTS (because these ones are super easy)
A photograph of one of us...with Mickey Mouse
...with Goofy
...with Alice
...with Winnie the Pooh
...with Jack Sparrow
...with a “ghost” in the Haunted House
...with a look of sheer terror in the Haunted House elevator (perhaps screaming)
...with T-Rex in the background
...eating food that tallies more than 1000 calories
...eating a churro
...riding Dumbo
...with one of the hippos on the Jungle Cruise
...with the Jungle Cruise tour guide
...with Walt Disney
...in a cave on Tom Sawyer’s Island, pretending to be a pirate
...in a cave on Tom Sawyer’s Island, pretending to be on Survivor
...in the Pirates boat, as we’re going down one of the drops, with arms in the air
...driving a car on Autopia, looking crazed
...inside the Tiki Room
...being eaten by the great Whale with Pinocchio
...with fireworks overhead
...sitting at an easel, pretending to draw a portrait of your hand (because in one of the photos from the aforementioned recently developed photos from our last trip to Disneyland, this is exactly what I'm doing, and it's an inexplicably odd photo, and I cannot remember anything about what sort of goofing off led to this photograph, but the photograph MUST be recreated)

WORTH 100 POINTS (slightly more difficult)
One of us on the Matterhorn, with a Yeti in the background
...on It’s A Small World, with a Swedish girl in the background
...wearing Mickey Mouse ears
...with a live animal
...wearing a conductor’s cap WHILE riding on Big Thunder Mountain
...wearing 3-D glasses

WORTH 150 POINTS (again, slightly more difficult)
...with a crying child
...giving rabbit ears to a stranger
...riding a horse on the merry-go-round BACKWARDS
...underwater (can be interpreted in a creative way)
...playing a musical instrument
...with a pregnant woman
...with a police officer (who must be in uniform)

WORTH 200 POINTS (natch)
One of us in a canoe
...with a famous actor
...drenched in water, post-Splash Mountain (must actually be drenched)
...with a live bear

WORTH 250 POINTS (...)
One of us with Captain Hook (I don't think he walks around the park as much as Mickey does)
Both of us in a teacup (both of us because Jessica hates the teacups)
One of us with BOTH Buzz Lightyear AND Sheriff Woody
...standing IN a water fountain

WORTH 500 POINTS (near impossible)
One of us pulling the Sword in the Stone WITH MERLIN
...sitting on a horse
...on a parade float
...behind the counter at the toy store with a sales representative, while holding a Pluto figurine
...with Johnny Depp
...with Lindsay Lohan (why not, I hear she goes to Disneyland)


Jesse said...

in full Tinkerbell drag = 1000 points.

christy said...

both of you smoking in the Tiki room - 500 points

UNDER the ground and riding in one of the underground golf carts used to collect garbage (do they have that like in Orlando) = 1000 points

Erik totally checking out one of the voluptuous wenches of Pirates of the Carribean = 100 points

Ducking out one of the emergency exits in the haunted mansion cause you're too fucking scared - 100 points

A pic taken while ON Space Mountain that you can actually make out - 100 points

A pic of you two recreating the roller coaster scene from Fear while on any roller coaster WHILE IN MOTION in the park (starts at 100, each additional pic is 100 more points)

A pic of one of you throwing up after eating 1000+ calories and getting on the teacup ride, because even though you both hate it you just really, really wanted the points = 500 pts (both of you throwing up = 1000 points).

Erik said...

jesse and christy--these are great (if somewhat outlandish, some of them) suggestions! keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

How about a headstand in the middle of Mr. Toad's wild ride 250 points, or better yet, Sitting at a table in Club 33 ordering the most expensive item on the menu: 2,000 points.
It's almost like the mastercard commercial.
Picture with pregnant women: 1,000pts.
Picture with Mickey Mouse: 50 pts.
Throwing up in Disneyland: priceless!


Crash said...

Take a picture in the employees changing room in the tunnel area that runs under the park. I imagine security is much tougher than it was in the '80s, but where there's a will . . .

Erik said...

omg, Lanie and Crash, i love your suggestions (even though they're likely to get us arrested) (can you get arrested at disneyland, or do they just kick you out?)

TheDarkerUma said...

500 Points

Record (either video or audio) one of you asking for directions in a thick french accent to Space Mountain in front of Space Mountain.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I bet you can get arrested at Disneyland. I bet they go ballistic.

And I know what you were doing in the hand/easel photo - you were practicing for your future solving the mystery of the hand in Jennifer Anniston's lap!

soleclaw said...

Too bad I don't live out there...otherwise I could provide you with the crying baby.

I can't wait to see these pictures!

Anonymous said...

Worth 250 points: either of you finding Josh's uncle.

Once, Ah-nold was going to Disneyland for the 100 year anniversary or whatever it was, and some of my co-workers had to go to protest. They pushed through tiny little children until they couldn't get any closer to the front (wearing their golden Mickey Mouse ears just like everyone else), which also happened to be the row of people in wheelchairs in the front. When Arnold appeared, they started chanting. Then, children started crying and saying "why were you doing this, it's Mickey's birthday," the people in wheelchairs in the front row turned around and were telling them to go home...

It was a bad day.


Missy said...

250 points-making rabbit ears behind a strange crying child

Erik said...

dammit, i just got spammed with, like, 100 spam comments, so i had to turn on the word verification function. sorry if that's annoying.

eclectic mania said...

A picture of you with any male tourist wearing black socks and sandals. :)

And if you post a vomit shot, you better put a "warning before clicking" phrase or I will hunt you down!

Erik said...

THANK YOU ALL for your suggestions!

I am closing suggestions!

We went to Disneyland! We had our scavenger hunt! I will post pictures after they've been developed and scanned (we shot on good old fashioned film, not digitial) (or digital either).

Melanie said...

Hello, thank you for posting this list. I used ideas from it and others for our company outing at disneyland. Everyone had a blast.

Sadly, we weren't able to find Maynard. = )

Thanks again!