Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm out of town...I'll be back in a week...

I won't have internet access for the next seven days. So I won't be blogging and I won't be commenting. But if you came to this page and you're like, "what the fuck?," then feel free to hang around. You can play CLIFF if you want (just scroll down a few posts), or feel free to pretend my blog is a Rockstar: Supernova messageboard and debate who you think should and shouldn't become the leader singer of the band, or watch me make a banana again, or go check out Bon's blog, or communicatrix's, or Jesse's (who just got his first movie review assignment for a national magazine) (congratulations, jesse!), or go listen to some of my friend Tyler's music (he and a friend are writing a song a day for the next year), or write a haiku. Because haikus rock. (Haiku rock?)


Aimie said...


have a wonderful trip.

movie date and a drink (in whatever order) when you get back.


Erik said...

okay, i said i wouldn't be commenting, and i won't, but i haven't gone to bed yet, so YES poop! maybe we can drink DURING our movie date??? (wanna see John Tucker Must Die with me???)

Aimie said...

yes, of course, john tucker.

but only because snakes on a motherfucking plane isn't open yet.


jenny said...

I am completely obsessed with Rockstar. I despise Lukas, even though he has good stage presence. He's too much of a mushmouth - I think he sings like Carol Channing. I LOVE DILANA - and based on how much the entire bad gushes over every performance, she will win. Unless she really messes up somehow.

I can't wait for Josh to get his boy-band smirky face kicked off, and was so happy when bobblehead Phil finally got the boot.

I like the Australian dude, and although I hated Iceland at first, I think he's okay now. When will Zayra get kicked off? She's like a crazy Bjork. Is that redundant?

Oh yeah, and I have a crush on Dave Navarro and Gilbey Clark.

jenny said...

Oh yeah, and one more thing about Rockstar - I think I like Storm Large (she's like 6' tall!), except when she bugs her eyes out like a crazy person.

I think they're going to choose a woman as their lead singer.

Erik said...

Aims! It's a date. John Tucker. Awesome.

Erik said...

Jenny, ooooooooo I am so happy you're a rockstar obsessee. (that's not a word, but i like it.)

I actually liked Lukas the first week, but then his personality started to get to me, and each week i think his performances have gotten weaker and weaker. Dude does know how to put on a spectacle, but he won't listen to majorly valid advice from Jason and actually open his throat. it's painful. it's ugly.

i LOVE the Carol Channing reference. ha! made me laugh.

Dilana gives me goosepimples. I think I said that before. But when she's singing, she seems to actually be thinking about the lyrics and feeling them, so, whereas with a lot of the other singers, i just hear their voices and think 'that sounds great' or 'that sounds bad,' when i hear Dilana singing I actually hear the song and i'm like "ooo! she'll always be waiting for me! time after time!" and cry like a baby.

josh, ug. way too smirky.

phil reminded me of a fraggle.

i think Australia is a hunk, and definitely charismatic, but i don't think he has enough fire to lead this band.

Iceland bores me. (not the country, Magni.)

um, and Zayra...Zayra...Zayra... here's what i have to say about Zayra...for several weeks i hated her, especially after that "i was in diapers when your albums came out" comment, but now, even though i think she is the LAST person who should ever lead this band, i kinda think she's an incredibly fascinating performer. and i used to hate her voice, but when she sang "not an addict" by k's choice--i think that's a beautiful song and she totally made it her own and that was the first time i watched her and felt it and thought, "she's actually got some chops." so, i agree with you, she needs to get kicked off, but i also agree with dave navarro--she should start a solo career immediately.

okay, one last thing, I have to comment on the is "crazy Bjork" a redundancy thing. I love Bjork. I am obsessed with Bjork. Bjork IS somewhat crazy, but she's the best kind of cray cray, the incredibly talented kind. And even though I just defended Zayra, Zayra is NO bjork, crazy or not. Bjork's in another league.

Oh, and re: Storm Large, I wish she would tone down the eye thing too. Because I really like her voice and I think she's got presence and the eye thing feels like she is pushing and I don't want her to push me away. It's like Marty from last season--did you watch last season? Whenever he did his trademark "crazy conductor" thing, i wanted to throw up. it made me despise him. DESPISE, i say! So Storm, listen up! Cool off the eyes! (not a lot, just some)

I think Supernova NEEDS a woman leading them. all of that testosterone. they need to balance out. but that woman should NOT be Jill. don't you think Jill's the MOST cray cray? ever since Gilby told her not to hump his leg, and that women don't need to try so hard to be sexy, she looks so incredibly pissed. every time they show her face, i feel like she's thinking, "brooke's wearing a sexy dress, why don't the guys get mad at her about that? oooo, i guess it's because they only pick on me!" or "oooo, patrice just did a sexy jiggle, but i bet they won't call her on it because they only pick on me!" or "lukas just wiggled his tongue. i bet if i just wiggled my tongue, they'd yell at me, but lukas can wiggle his tongue. damn him."

seriously, look at her reaction shots this week, i swear all of her thoughts are like that.

Erik said...

Fans of RockStar, check out THIS CLIP.

drc said...

I love Dilana and Gilby Clark...that man is just HOT!!!

eclectic mania said...

Oops, I kinda' posted the other SuperNova comment on the wrong thread, earlier today. LOL.

A woman will win this one....and my money is on Dilana.

I did love when Storm replied to Tommy about showing "more" of herself and she said "Six letters...G O O G L E"

Gilby is HOT. And I really never took notice of him back when I was listening to Guns N Roses years ago, and watching Axl do HIS thing.

jenny said...

Okay now a couple more comments:
1. I adore Bjork as well, and she's 100000x more talented than crazy Zayra. But she is still crazy.
2. I forgot about Jill! I LOVED when Gilby slammed her for being a ho (but was kinda funny when Dave was like, "You can grind on me all day long."). She needs to go ASAP.
3. What do we think about Patrice? At first she seemed like a soccer mom with tattoos to me, but she did rock out with her final song last week. BUT - how stupid was she with the, "Dave? Do you change up your performance all the time?" What a jerk.
4. After the Storm Large "google" comment, I of course googled her and found dirty, dirty pictures.
5. Tommy Lee needs to gain about 50 pounds.
6. Sweet little 18-year old (Dana?). Too sweet. These guys want to tour with someone who won't make them feel guilty about bringing 25 groupies backstage. And that someone is Dilana.

eclectic mania said...

Dana is definitely too young. And now she just looks like a little girl "made up" to look "dirtier". No way will she last.

I do not like Jill. Didn't like her from the moment she did the Courtney Love thing.

I'm in the minority with liking Lukas, but I gotta' stick with him. Not to win...but to go to the top four. I WOULD like to hear him attempt their advice about constricting his throat and see what happens. Maybe I just like that eye makeup, LOL

Bonnie said...

We'll miiiiiisssssssssss you!

Thanks for bringing CLIFF into my life.


Jesse said...

Erik says he's not checking this for 7 days, but I know he checks it with his cell phone. He's done it from a freeway and if any of you what kind of driver Erik is, that is bad on many levels, not Mel Gibson PCH bad, but not good.

And yes, Cliff was quite the hit at the company beach party last friday, and I think it's mostly a gay guy/str8 girl game. Str8 computer programer guys didn't seem to take to Cliff like the 2 homos and the girls. Will you manly man Cliff lovers please stand up?

totally NOT erik, for reals said...

Jesse is wrong, Erik is totally unable to check this while he's away on vacation.


TheDarkerUma said...

then why does erik's myspace profile say he is online right now?

remember how jessica fletcher is my hero....i can see you, biatch.

Bonnie said...

Jesse, you're 100% correct.

The first time I saw CLIFF here, I read it all aloud to Keith (my husband) and he said, "Man, what a fun game for gals and their gay best friends!"

So, yeah. I'd agree with you (and therefore my husband, which I tend not to do).

Right on.

And Erik is totally blogging from his cell phone.

Erik said...

The Rockstar conversation HAS MOVED HERE.