Thursday, July 06, 2006

I just want to go on record right now and say...

...that the winner of Rock Star: Supernova is going to be Dilana.

(and if she doesn't win, she was robbed)

(and the runner-up is going to be Lukas)

(and if Lukas wins instead of Dilana, I'll be okay with that)

(but I won't be okay with ANYONE else wins)

(and apparently I don't have a very good grasp on the English language)

(I mean, "but I won't be okay with ANYONE else wins"?) (what's up with that?)

(unless they throw in a twist and Suzie McNeil manages to win somehow--I'd be okay with that)

(and the group they've assembled for this season isn't nearly as talented as the group they had assembled for last season, but still: i'm already hooked)

(and i wish i could sing)


drc said...

I so agree...She rocked last night...There are several that are good singers, but not many I can see as lead singers for a band with Tommy Lee in it.

Erik said...

EXACTLY. She and Lukas are the only ones I can even IMAGINE leading a band with Tommy Lee in it.

Erik said...

I posted the boob picture.

Erik said...


Dilana got the encore tonight and she blew me away even more. She is SO CAPTIVATING. I love her.

christy said...

Do you know who I really loved last season? Jordis. I mean, she wasn't right for INXS but she was amazing.

I was so hooked last season! I haven't watched it yet this season. My friend and I saw Marty (who I think should have won, but was runner up) at Hugo's, then these Aussies in a bar gave me and my otherwise BAD date free tickets to a private concert at the house of blues, and I got to see JD Fortune!

And the place was full of hot Aussies! And my really bad, booooring date who I had to tolerate. I soooo wanted to ditch him and party just with the Aussies (I was anyway, every time he went to the bathroom, which was a lot, which I was happy about). But I felt like god hated me.

Going to look at the boob picture.

christy said...

I have no idea whose boobs those are.

Erik said...


Jordis WAS amazing, but SO WRONG FOR INXS.

JD Fortune is freaking hot and awesome. (He's hawesome.) I knew from day one that he was going to win. Or at least I wanted him to win from day one. I went to a taping of the show and he was the best live as well. He freaking knows how to connect with an audience.

I loved Suzie's voice, but she didn't play to the audience as well as JD.

And as far as Marty goes...well...I know that a lot of people love him...I mean, I understand that he has a huge following...but I think he's soooooooooooooooooooooo bad. And scary. The whole "scary conductor" thing freaked me out. I couldn't deal with him. He was TOO TOO, just TOO.

jenny said...

Okay - I don't really know people's names yet, but I'm completely hooked as well. I agree that the Nirvana chick was awesome, but also probably insane. I think they definitely want a woman as their lead singer.

Here's who needs to go next:
1. Iceland - seriously, he was soooo bad with that cheeseball Rolling Stones performance. Being one of the top 10 singers in Iceland really doesn't mean all that much, I guess.
2. Pumpkin head devil boy (who they all loved for some reason) who sang Billy Idol, I think. He was all goth and had white pants on and looks like his head is exploding. Is he deformed?
3. Roxanne. You've got to be kidding me that they kept him? His hair was even worse the second night! SUCKED! I would've kept Duran Duran over him anyday.

eclectic mania said...

I totally agree with your choices. I think this band will end up with a hard core chick fronting them. I do also like Storm.
Lukas is my top male choice.

and then I dreamed last night about Tommy Lee....WACKY.

Erik said...


Nirvana chick is Dilana and she IS awesome, i love her. I thought she was insane onstage, but then I watced clips of her on and I think she seems actually really sane in real life, she just has a crazed stage persona. That's my take on it anyway.

and yes: Iceland SERIOUSLY needs to go home. he's AWFUL.

I actually liked pumkin head devil boy's Billy Idol performance, but after watching the behind the scenes stuff on the website, i DESPISE him now.

Roxanne has to go home yesterday, he's that bad.

Erik said...


i loved Lukas too--UNTIL i watched the footage on the website. if he's trying to be in-your-face in the house like JD was, it's not working. because even though JD was confrontational, he still had heart and was coming from a place of wanting to be a good friend to his housemates. Lukas just seems like a dick. maybe he will prove me wrong. Hopefully he will, 'cuz i really liked his performance.

Jesse said...

why do all these find a Lead Singer of a band shows just make me feel who is gonna buy the new SuperNova record??? I know you won't. Whatever happened to TLC getting a new Left Eye? or Making the Band...where's The Band? It's more contrived than The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency!

I spit on RockStar!

There is and will only be one reality show music superstar, and her name is Kelly, Ms Clarkson if your nasty.

eclectic mania said...

Lukas, off stage, was a bit much in the house. I was glad he was "called on it".

Don't get me started on Janice...I've been watching tivo'd episodes nightly, LOL. It's like a train wreck, and I can't look away! ('course those pretty boys don't hurt my eyes any, hehe)

Erik said...

jesse, you SO DO NOT GET IT. because you don't watch it. the thing about Rockstar that makes it better than any of the other shows (i.e. American Idol) is that they actually get people who have real actual talent.

and i will TOTALLY buy the new supernova cd, when it comes out. (well, i will if i like who they pick as the singer) (meaning, if they pick Danila, I will buy it)

Erik said...

And the only thing that is NOT contrived about the Janice Dickinson Modelling Agency is TJ Wilk's body.

Holly crap.

Erik said...


it is SO a train wreck, but still i tivo it and i watch it over and over and over again. (mostly for the eye candy) (okay, not "mostly," only.)

eclectic mania said...

Is TJ the one that walks away with a full booty shot? If so, one word:

Erik said...

TJ was the manny who did the underwear show for 2(x)ist.

The guy with the booty is Sorin, who, i agree with you, is perfection.

christy said...

you know erik, i was just thinking about how you never sang allison's starting to happen to me, to me.

Erik said...

christy, remind me next time we see each other. it's SUCH A GOOD SONG! I must sing it to you.

eclectic mania said...

Sorin, yes....that's him!
Love that tattoo as well!
And Erik, you can call me C, it's easier to type! As long as this girl is welcome around here, LOL.
(I'm new on blogspot, as you can see if you look at my blog...not new to the internet though!!!)

Erik said...

C, you are ALWAYS welcome here!

(and yes, GREAT TATTOO)

christy said...

i'll probably forget.