Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mystery Woman

Does anyone know who this woman is?

Because I was just reading US Weekly (the issue with Tori Spelling on the cover) and I saw this photo in one of their style spreads (the "red carpet" fashion pages) (the theme was "Strapless Starlets")

And then I noticed that the caption at the bottom of the photo said that it was Jennifer Connelly. Check it out:

But this woman:

Simply isn't Jennifer Connelly:

Nothing against the woman pictured in US Weekly. The woman pictured in US Weekly looks like a lovely woman. She even looks a little bit like Jennifer Connelly. But she isn't the star of Opportunity Knocks. Not by a long shot. No way. Nada.

They are two different people. (And if I'm wrong, I'll eat Jennifer Aniston's third hand.) (What is it about women named Jennifer? I didn't even realize that Jennifer Connelly was named Jennifer until I mentioned the mystery of Jennifer Aniston's third hand and then I realized I must totally have this bizarre fixation/fascination with Jennifer related celebrity photo pseudo-scandals.)

Anyway, I understand that everyone makes mistakes, but I was surprised to see US Weekly mislabel a woman as "Jennifer Connelly" because celebrities are pretty much US Weekly's bread and butter and you'd think they would know who was who.

And this woman who is not Jennifer Connelly deserves to have her actual, real, correct name printed in the magazine, rather than have people look at her and think, "is that Jennifer Connelly, or isn't it?" which forces them to take a stand and post blog entries about how it definitely, absolutely isn't Jennifer Connelly, and then hope that it truly isn't, because what if it is and then said blogger looks like a tool? I mean, you know what I mean, US Weekly?

So who's that girl, world? Does anyone know? It's totally buggin' me. (Obviously.)


TheDarkerUma said...

i hate to break it to you, but i think it's her.

if you look carefully you can see her birth mark above her lip is located in the same spot in both pictures.

perhaps its just a bad picture of her. and a not flattering hair cut.

Erik said...

I still don't think it's her.

Bonnie said...

That's totally not Jennifer Connelly. It's Demi Moore's half-sister.

willam said...

it's totally her. she's not as hot in person or as photoshopped as that glaring xanadu like pic you posted. i hate her new bangs. i saw them in another pic and they look horrendous with her face shape.

Erik said...

willam, it's fucking not her, 'k? i just won't believe it.

(but if it IS her, those bangs are awwwwwwwful.)

Erik said...

bonbon, this strange woman does kinda look like demi. i can't believe that people (* cough * cough * uma and willam*) are saying that it's really her.

on a totally unrelated note, i've already watched Wildcats twice tonight. you know Wildcats. the football movie starring Goldie Hawn. I miss 80s movies starring Goldie Hawn. What has become of our world?

Rebecca said...

I don't think it's her either. Maybe it's the lighting, maybe I'm insane, but aren't the eyes different colors? In the "mystery woman" pic, they appear to be green, in Jennifer's pic, they're definitely blue.

And I agree with Bonnie... I totally thought she looked like Demi Moore way before I saw the caption!

Erik said...

Rebecca! Hurray! I am glad that the people with sense (i.e. the people who don't think it's Jennifer Connelly) are beginning to outway the crazies (i.e. Uma and Willam for thinking it IS her) on this comment thread.


Gina said...

Hate to break it to you E, but that IS in fact her. She recently got a hair cut and they has a before and after photo of her asking which the public liked better. Obviously, the blunt bangs thing is so not her. Sorry to dissapoint, but i hope this cleared up any confusion.

By the way, sorry I didnt get back to you on Friday. It's been a crazy weekend, a crazy couple of weeks. Did you get your invite?

Erik said...

Gina, I still don't believe it's her. She's not pouty enough.

And YES, i got my invite, I am so excited. I just put my YES rsvp in the mail.

eclectic mania said...

Yep, she was pictured in US 7/24 issue as well, with Paul Bettany.
HATE the bangs!!

Erik said...

I still don't think this is her.

Anonymous said...

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