Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New Thing 123: My first bikeride as an adult

I'm sorry if this isn't very exciting, but I'm trying to be good to the world and get in good enough shape to win either the Amazing Race or Survivor, whichever show finally decides to cast me first.

So I just went on a five mile bike ride and now I'm all sweaty and beardy. (I suppose I was beardy before the bike ride, but I like mentioning my beard for some reason.) (I was also sweaty before the bike ride because of this dang heat, but I'm even more sweaty now.)

I'm still sorta unclear on the concept of gear shifts. Like, when to use them and what number to use, or whatever.

If I was Bridget Jones, I might be like:

v. v. sweaty
Number of miles on bike: 5
Number of Coca-colas drunk: 0
Number of cigs: 0

But I'm not Bridget Jones.

I am totally obsessed with the Grateful Dead right now. I somehow managed to get through almost 29 years without having ever heard them, and I just recently decided to check them out and now I wish they were still touring (wait, ARE THEY still touring?) so I could become a Dead Head. Every time I listen to the Dead, I feel like I'm Lindsay Weir in Freaks and Geeks in that scene where she's in her room discovering how great they are and just dancing by herself.

I am so sweaty. And beardy. And I want ice cream, and I want to go bowling, and I can't focus.

UPDATE: (this is completely unrelated to anything I've said previously in this post, so technically it's not an update, but whatever, this is my blog and I'll do what I want with it)

I just discovered this blog called Ass Shot (um, mom and dad, you don't need to clink the link if you don't want to) (in fact, don't) and I think it's so funny. Basically, it's this guy who works as a cocktail waiter at some bar in New York (I'm not sure where) and his cocktail waiter's uniform is basically an apron with no pants underneath, so his ass is exposed (it reminds me of this bar I used to go to in London called Pharmacy, that looked exactly like a Pharmacy, but then they had to change their name because a little old lady went there thinking it was a pharmacy but it wasn't and she sued them for false advertising [this is a true story] and then they changed their name to Ah My Crap, which is all of the letters in Pharmacy just scrambled up, and, anyway, the dress code for the waitstaff at Pharmacy was also just aprons and nothing else, but by the time they'd changed their name to Ah My Crap they had gotten new uniforms because the waiters and waitresses were complained of being cold [this is all a true story] [singing to myself "true story"]) and this cocktail waiter guy apparently is collecting photos of people who patron his bar, and all of the people in the photos are basically just posing with his butt, and Chloe Sevigny has done it, and so has Alan Cumming, and so has my old college crush Jake Shears (except he wasn't Jake Shears back then), and Cindy Lauper refused to do it, but she was a good sport about it (she posed ass to ass with the guy) and I love photo projects like this and it makes me want to get back into an old photo project I used to do.


frank's wild lunch said...


frank's wild lunch said...

Oh, and The Dead isn't touring, because Jerry is dead. I assume you know this. I think Bob Weir still performs in some way or another but I don't know. I saw them in Memphis a month before they died, just for kicks. That's a story for another time. Not a great one, necessarily, but requires a certain explanation because I've never really been a Deadhead. Let me just say that 20-minute drum interludes must be WAY cooler when you're dosed, because they made my collegey geeky closety little self a little tired.

Maybe you're into them because you're beardy. Because they were beardy.

And you just made me want to see Freaks and Geeks again!

frank's wild lunch said...

When I say "a month before they died," I of course meant "a month before JERRY died," but I guess the band kinda died too, at least figuratively. But it lives on! Thanks to My Year of New Things and Freaks and Geeks!

Erik said...

But fwl, I thought they were still touring even though he was dead, like, they were touring without him and just doing those 20 minute drum interludes?

Anonymous said...

You should post a picture of you with your beard. I am having a hard time imagining it. Also, why did Freaks and Geeks only make one season. They finally get a great show and they yank it. Michael has the whole show on DVD. We should get together and watch! :)


frank's wild lunch said...

Okay, I think they toured/are touring as "The Dead," minus the "Grateful." At least that's what Wikipedia says. I tried to check their website, but it was slow loading....

Bonnie said...

How do you FIND such things as ASS SHOT?

I mean, really?!?

Erik said...

I honestly don't even remember exactly where or how I found Ass Shot, but isn't it kinda AMAZING???? I should have thought to post that on your blog! Because Ass Shot makes me happy. All of those faces...with an ass. A literal ass. So funny.

Erik said...

LANIE: we should TOTALLY watch some freaks and geeks together. Have you seen the whole season? Because if you haven't, you MUST. I'm serious. I am a fanatic and I won't abide by you just seeing some of the episodes. You must see them all. Pronto.

Oh, and I will post a picture of my outrageous beard soon, I promise.

Erik said...

fwl, thank god for wikipedia, right?