Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Clink if you wanna help Captain Planet save the, um, planet

"Captain Planet's hair is made of trees and his body's made of the ocean."

Okay, so I know I said I wouldn't be blogging while I was away on vacation, but I'm in Lake Tahoe (with my brothers and my step-mom's side of the family)(we come here for a week every summer)(we've been doing this for twenty years) and the sights up here are really something (stunning) and I'm totally on this let's-save-the-planet kick (and you should be too) (last night, here in Tahoe, we had "superhero night," which means we all dressed up as superheros, natch, and my brother Josh, photographed above, was dressed as Captain Planet, who I've never heard of before, but apparently Captain Planet was a cartoon character whose MO was saving the planet) and I just got a couple emails from friends related to Captai, and I thought I'd pass some links on before heading back to the beach:

The first link is for a website called Kick the Oil Habit. In my friend David's words, Kick the Oil Habit is "a brilliant, straightforward and bi-partisan movement to steer the country toward alternative energies. Kick the Oil Habit has a simple message with deep roots and strong allies and sends a message straight into the political heart of the current Congress
and Administration...(Watch the short, by the way, it's excellent). Face it, the
time has come...Check it out, sign up, and enjoy."

The second email was forwarded to me by my friend Michael, it's from an orginization called "Environment California."

"As the world's 6th largest economy and the 12th largest source of
greenhouse gases, California has the opportunity and the obligation to
make a world of difference on global warming. This week's visit by
British Prime Minister Tony Blair with Gov. Schwarzenegger highlights
the importance of California's leadership on this issue.

"Unfortunately, the state's largest polluters are working to gut a
proposal to enforce cuts to global warming pollution. Urge the
governor to follow through with his promise to stop global warming by
supporting real, verifiable, enforceable, and, of course, mandatory
cuts in global warming pollution. Then ask your family and friends to
do the same by forwarding this e-mail to them."

To take action, CLINK HERE.

Captain Planet beseeches you.


Anonymous said...

Erik! I think I am first! This is crazy! Don't forget to remind people to recycle. I just made $22 last weekend turning in all my recycling--and the best part is that all that stuff is not going in a land fill! Yeah! Keep up the good bike riding!


drc said...

I LOVE Lake Tahoe!!!!

We used to live in Carson City, NV and we spent as much time as possible in Lake Tahoe (the lake, not the town).

Take lots of pics for us!!!!

aimie said...

i still have a crush on your brother. it's been 8 years.

don't calculate how old he was when i met him. it's too gross.

i'm like the nasty neighbor lady in "there's something about mary" who always plays characters who molest people.

i feel dirty.

but, he's so hot. especially as a superhero.

Anonymous said...

OK, so we heard about every fucking song you ever heard, but hey man, what about that wedding in Napa? That sounds like the real news -- anybody important? i bet the bride was a babe, and probably an awesome writer -- maybe influenced by her brilliant dad? was the groom like a fucking genius? Come on man, give us the real insights -- face it -- you hear one song you've heard them all.