Thursday, August 24, 2006


Last night's episode of Rockstar: Supernova was shocking. SHOCKING! From the very first day of this competition, I've been Dilana's number 1 fan, but she's gone a little coocoo (kookoo?) (kuku?) (cucu?). (If you're not watching the show, she's been talking shit about all of the other contestants/rockers.) Now, Dave Navarro slapped her pretty hard for how shitty she's been treating everyone, and I think her new crazy attitude stems from the fact that the competition is almost over and she knows that she's no longer the front-runner (because while she started out this competition as an AMAZING performer, her performances have pretty much stayed at the same level--which, admittedly, is really high, but which hasn't necessarily grown, whereas people like Ryan and Toby get better every week), but she needs to eat some humble pie and just focus on the performances from here on out if she wants to win this thing. (And I want her to win this thing) (I still love her) (I'm still rooting for her) (just rock some shit from hear on out, you know???? you hear me, Dilana????)

Jenny suggested starting a Rockstar blogger pool, and I'm game. I'm curious. Are any of my readers watching the show? Who are you rooting for?

Who should be the lead singer of Supernova?
I've never seen Rockstar, I have no opinion.
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Only vote if you're actually watching the show! (that's me being anal) (I want my poll to reflect truth) (so maybe it'll just be me and Jenny voting) (oh, and I'll just go ahead and say that if Dilana doesn't win, I want Toby to win) (Toby has PRESENCE) (i love him) (he gets sexier every week) (Dilana and Toby are the remaining rockers who I would pay to see perform)

(and if you're a new My Year of New Things reader who has come here googling "Gilbey Clark" or "Tommy Lee" or "Jason Newsted" or "Storm Large" or "Lukas Rossi" or "Ryan Star" or "Dilana Robichaux" or "Zayra Alvarez" or "Magni Ásgeirsson" or "Patrice Pike" or "Toby Rand" or "Mark Burnett" or "Rockstar: Supernova" or whatever, feel free to vote in the poll!) (that last paranthetical statement was me trying my darndest to manipulate google and get more Rockstar: Supernova fans to come to this poll via google) (I am not ashamed) (I just drank some awesome Thai iced tea) (the thai iced tea comment has NOTHING to do with Rockstar: Supernova, but evs, you know?)


Anonymous said...

I have a job. Really. I swear

Erik said...

Oh, really, Lindsay Lindsay? You have "a job," eh? Is your "job," perhaps, always being the first to comment on my blog posts? Because I'm cool if it is, in fact I love it if it is, but I just can't pay much more than minimum, you know?

christy said...


I haven't watched this season at all. But I wonder if Dilana has gone all cray cray because pissing everyone off really worked for JD Fortune.

christy said...

Oh, and I don't have a job.

George said...

Dilana didn't come across to well. I wonder how much of that is the editing.

I think Lukas will win it, Tommy Lee really seems to like him. But it's hard to tell. I think all of them have a chance except for Storm. She will probably be the next to go.

jenny said...

Dilana burnt some bridges by badmouthing every other contestant, and then I really didn't like the bullsh*t excuse she gave of, "Lukas and I are so alike, I just want to help him."

Um, you want to help him by telling a reporter that he essentially is fake and drives you nuts and makes you want to punch him in the face?

With friends like that...

Erik said...


dilana burned MAJOR bridges. i don't know if she can recover from last night, actually. i won't be surprised if she lands in the bottom three next week--and maybe she NEEDS to, so that she can focus on the singing/performance aspect of everything. ultimately she IS my favorite performer. but...BUT...!HH!H!AAH...she was AWFUL last night...and i don't know if she understood how bad her behavior was. OY.

Erik said...

george, yeah, i think Storm is the next to go...(i actually kinda love her, but i think she's not the right frontperson for these guys)...from that point on, i have NO IDEA who they are going to get rid of from week to week. i think that tommy lee likes Lukas, but i think Gilby and Jason are mixed on him. to be honest, when lukas takes jason's advice and actually SINGS, i think he's got a great voice, but when he's running around all mushymouthed, ug. i want to mute.

Erik said...

christy, dilana has gone a different cray cray than JD. maybe she's modelling herself after that, but i never felt like JD was being truly mean, and some of the things dilana have said have been WAY mean.

Erik said...

By the way (and this comment is to no one in particular), the current front runner in my very non-scientific blog poll is...Magni!?!?

Come on out Toby and Dilana supporters!?!? Where ya all at?!?!

Erik said...


eclectic mania said...

Yeah, I'm late on this one.
I was SHOCKED at Dilana. And you could see on her face that she was in the hot seat. B.U.S.T.E.D.

I still think she will win, but I gotta' say...Ryan Darkhorse is looking mighty fine. I'm still a Lukas fan as well. I was glad that he told Dilana that he needed no dove and needed no wing, LOL.

Erik said...


yeah, it was some really outrageous behavior. i'm guessing it'll send her to the bottom three this week, which is actually good because she'll have to perform to survive and i think that'll shake her up and she'll kick some serious ass again (i think her last couple performances have been on the safe side).

Eleanor said...

You make blogs for all,
but polls for -- not the masses,
just for a mere few.

Erik said...

DUDE, eleanor:
you can so participate.
vote that you don't watch.