Friday, January 26, 2007

Disco, 1993


Anonymous said...


j-dō said...

wow i have not seen that photo in years. i think ruth gave me the dress i am wearing.

we were so cool.

i wish i could be there with everyone today. i will be thinking about you.

Erik said...

Jen: I remember we went crazy on the dance floor that night--I think you and I were the last people dancing when they were telling everyone to leave because the dance was over. we were hella cool.

And ruth definitely gave me the shirt I'm wearing in this photo. i'll be thinking of you today too, and all the fun times we had at ruth's house. xoxo.

TheDarkerUma said...

yeah, they DO need a darkie on the view.

and i could make elisa-whats her name cry...

hmmm, that would be a great job...and new york.

thanks, erik! for making me yearn for yet something else.

y didja have your vagina x-rayed saturday, aaron?

Anonymous said...

What a cool picture! You guys look like total rockstars! Wish I could have been there, but us older generation was already long gone from NHHS! Ruth will be with us all forever. Somehow there is a little piece of her in me. :)


Erik said...

Urp, it was just a blast of inspiration, the whole "you should be one of the hosts of The View" thing. I still totally think you should.

(and your comment word phrase is truly bizarre.)

if you love dick, vote.

Erik said...


we DO kinda look like rockstars, don't we? i like the glazed expression/thumbs up thing that Jamie is doing.