Friday, January 19, 2007

Hugo and Fay, 2001

The other day, I was at a friend's house for one of my writing group meetings, and I noticed this photo on her fridge:

It's a photo from the 2001 Theatre of NOTE production of my play Tonseisha. That's (the brilliant) Hugo Armstrong as Richard Brautigan and (the phenominal) Fay Kato as Akiko. (She was nominated for an Ovation Award.)

When I saw the photo on Jacqueline's fridge, I was like "why do you have a copy of this photo??? I don't have a copy of this photo?!? I WANT THIS PHOTO." And then Jacqueline looked at me like "calm down" and then she said, "don't worry, it's okay, you can have it." And then I shoved my eyes back into my head and I took the photo. (Thank you, j.)

Hugo and Fay were damned freaking good in this production and this photo just makes me happy, lookin' at it and thinking back on how good they were. I feel like a lucky dude, having had the chance to work with them. I love actors.


Bonnie said...

That's so damn cool.

Anonymous said...

Tonseisha was one your most moving plays.... and Fay was amazing in the lead role.

Erik said...

thank you, anon!

I could not agree with you more about fay's brilliance. she blew me away.

communicatrix said...

We all know what a huge fangirl I am. Thanks for posting this.

Erik said...

Communicatrix, yes I do know what a huge fangirl you are--in fact, I assumed that you wrote the second comment in this thread, but then I realized that if you had written the comment it would have had your blog link and photo.

I really just posted this photo because I wanted to have the photo somewhere where I could see it. I'm glad it made you happy too.

Anonymous said...

I know you don't care about what I think this week because I'm in your bad friend category, but Tonseisha was my favorite play of your ever of all time ever. Favorite.

I have the promotional postcard that you sent me framed in my living room.

And no, you can't have it.