Monday, January 15, 2007

A trip down Golden Globes lane

I used to crash the Golden Globes with my grandfather and my Granny Joanny. I think we crashed about seven or eight times. We would always compete to see who could have more interactions with more celebrities. Every year we snuck in, security got tighter, and by the last time we went it was pretty darned near impossible to get in, so we finally decided to stop while we were ahead (because trying to sneak in and failing was not an option for us--we'd had so many years of success, we just couldn't imagine being turned away) (or kicked out) (or arrested) and the last time we crashed the Globes was in 1998 or 1999, I'm not sure which--it was the year Hilary Swank was nominated for Boys Don't Cry, so whenever that was.

So, in honor of tonight's ceremony (even though it airs at 8pm, they film at 5pm, which means the celebs are beginning to arrive now), I thought I would post a few of the Golden Globe photos from our last foray into the trenches.

(1) Granny Joanny, Hilary Swank, and me

Hilary Swank was so freaking nice. She really was. GJ and I were huge fans of Boys Don't Cry and I'm pretty sure we gushed about how much we loved the movie and how great she was in it (because, honestly, it really is one of the best acting performances of the last decade) and she wasn't put off by our gushing at all. I want to say that Chad Lowe took this photo, but it wouldn't be true (I remember they had gotten separated from each other in the crowd and we kept bumping into Chad Lowe, and his wife was one of the evening's MVP's so every time anyone saw him they'd be like "where's Hilary?" and he'd shrug and say "I'm looking for her") so I'm not sure who took the photo. You can't see Hilary Swank's Golden Globe, but she's holding it in her left hand, just out of frame.

(2) Chloe Sevigny and me

This photo was taken about a half an hour after we met Hilary Swank. Again, we gushed with Chloe about how great Boys Don't Cry was, but then she gushed about how much she loved working with Hilary Swank, and then she said that she hadn't seen Hilary since she'd won and so she hadn't been able to congratulate her and we told Chloe that we'd just seen Hilary and then, suddenly:

(3) Hilary swept back into the room...

...and Chloe congratulates Hilary on the win.

(4) Chloe and Hilary, talking

And here they are talking, trying to catch up, but GJ and I are still standing there. This would happen a lot. We'd start talking to a celeb and have a nice little conversation and then they would see another celeb (because the place is swimming with them) and then this new celeb would start talking to the celeb we were talking to and then suddenly they were in a new conversation and we'd still be standing there and then I'd start to feel awkward and take a photo because an awkward moment without a photo is just an awkward moment, but an awkward moment with a photo is forever.

(5) me in the PR room That's me on the podium where all of the winners answer questions for the press after they've done their winning, pretending to be a winner. Notice the gift bag I'm holding? Yeah, I can't say where or how I got it exactly, but let's say I kinda stole it from someone. In my defense, this certain someone left it at my feet and then walked away and Granny J and I looked at each other and shrugged and then I picked up the goody bag and we ran. So I really *was* a Globe winner--at least, a winner of a goody bag. I can't remember what was in the bag exactly, but I think it was mostly gift certificates and the most exciting gift certificate was for a pair of free jeans from some jeans store. (Maybe it was The Gap--do they have jeans at The Gap?) (I am SO not a shopper) (but I claimed my free jeans) (I guess they were blood jeans) (seeing as they were technically stolen and all) (god, I am a thief) (one of these days I'll have to make amends and give L**r* S*n G**c*m* a pair of jeans) (she's the person who left her gift bag at my feet) (in my defense, she DID just leave the bag there, for the taking)


Anonymous said...

I had to keep scrolling up and down to look at your face in the first picture and the second picture to make sure that it wasn't some photoshop job cuz the similarities in facial expression makes me think you're a robot.

Erik said...

Who's the punk calling me a robot?

And wow, that is the exact same facial expression. But they're real. I don't know how to use photoshop.

drc said...

Is that really you? Cause you look really hot in these pictures. Not that you aren't cute now,

Erik said...

Thanks drc! Yes, that's me, about 7 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Erik cleans up really well, but he isn't the button-down type at all. In these photos, he's wearing a new suit that his grandfather bought him, and he looks great in it. I shudder to think where it is today, most likely buried underneath a pile of t-shirts and mailman pants on the floor somewhere. This isn't criticism, just protecting the real Erik that lurks underneath this polished exterior. Never was there a greater contrast between the outer man, himself playing a role in these photos (a Wall Street guy or maybe an entertainment lawyer?), and the whacky, weird, dorko inner guy we all love so much. Just for the record.

Anonymous said...

So, are you bearded like in your profile pic, or clean-shaved like in the 7 years old pics?
Also, have you seen INLAND EMPIRE yet?
(Aside: One of my frequent collaborators from college was asst. camera on Boys Don't Cry.)

Gina said...

You look adorable! And I'm so jealous! I love celebs and totally get star struck. I was star stuck just looking at the photos. That's so awesome!!! We should try and sneak in to some kind of awards show...

Erik said...

PAM, your comment reminds me of how I used to want to be a lawyer, after I read The Firm. I just want to get caught up in a life of intrigue, being chased around the country for a couple of months. Maybe I should start thinking about applying for law schools?

Erik said...

Jeremy, I am currently bearded. (A little more bearded than in the profile pic, which is about 8 months old) (however, I've shaved since then) (it's been about a month since I've shaved?) (maybe three weeks) (I don't know) (whenever the beard-off started). And I haven't had bleached hair since the photos in this post.

Also, I have not yet seen Inland Empire. I need to. Soon.

V. v. cool that your friend worked on Boys Don't Cry. It was filmed beautifully.

Erik said...

Gina, it's pretty impossible to crash the Globes now. Security got tighter every year we went and I'm sure that after 9/11 they got even more tight.

You would have had so much fun though! It was good times.

Gina said...

How about the MTV awards? Or "The Duel" reunion special?

Anonymous said...

Law school. Now there's an easy way to make money on the side while trying to get the world to figure out that you're the world's greatest writer. I'm betting the world will figure it out before you can finish law school!

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