Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Step It Up, Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak is guest hosting for Regis on Live With Regis and Kelly right now and he’s spent the last five minutes making fun of global warming and joking that people should start using aerosol hairspray again because that’ll protect us!, and I know that it’s kind of ridiculous to be infuriated by something Pat Sajak has said on Live With Regis and Kelly, but DUDE, if we don't take global warming seriously, we're all gonna melt in about ten or fifteen years, and while maybe thirty or forty people read my blog, millions of people are listening to you not take global warming seriously, and that really annoys me, and I've decided: you're a jackass, Pat Sajak. (Wow, I seriously didn't know I could feel so much vitriol for Pat Sajak.) (Maybe I should have eaten something before writing this because I think my emotions are getting amped up by my low blood sugar.) (Pat Sajak is probably a very nice non-jackass of a man, but still: at the very least, Pat Sajak, you're being irresponsible.)

Anyway, in an attempt to counteract some of Pat Sajak's anti-earth sentiments, I thought I'd link to Bill McKibben's Step It Up 2007 campaign.

The Step It Up campaign is basically a virtual global march on Washington. Instead of wasting the gas that an actual global march on Washington would require, this is a global march you can do in your own backyard (or your own living room) (or neighborhood park) (or wherever). Go to the website above, sign up to host a party on April 14th (they call it a "rally," but rally/party...potayto/patahto), invite all of your friends and family over on the 14th, take a group photo, and then send your photo to the Step It Up campaign. That's all you have to do, super easy. It's basically a petition to get the government to reduce our carbon emissions 80% by 2050, but whereas most petitions (or, online ones at least) are kinda suspect because who knows what happens to them, this one's got your face on it and it'll get seen.

(shout out to my friend Newsom for bringing the Step It Up campaign to my attention)


Anonymous said...

I want to have a party! Are you available on the 14th?


Gina said...

I'm in too!

Erik said...

Lanie, you'll host it??? Let's have one!

Gina: yay!