Monday, February 12, 2007

12 of 12, February

There hasn't really been anything normal about the last couple of weeks, but I am hoping and praying for some normalcy soon (in the form of Uma waking the hell up). The doctor asked us to keep our hopes up today, and I was kinda down for a few hours this afternoon, but that ain't doing anyone any good, especially Uma, so "hopeful" is pretty much all I am right now. I am filled with hope and love.

I am clapping my hands for Uma to wake up!

In an effort to do something that feels somewhat normal, I've decided to participate in Chad Darnell's 12 of 12, which I haven't done in several months. The following photos are mostly from this evening. The first part of the day was too stressful for photos.

Oh, and these photos aren't in any particular order, and I don't know what time they were taken at (sorry Chad).

This first one is of me walking to Starbucks (where I am right now) at the end of the day, after hospital visiting hours have ended (approximately 11pm):

This is one of the ambulances outside the hospital, also approximately 11pm:

This is a button that gets a lot of action:

Okay, the irony of the next photo is that this sign is posted right by the elevators and this is totally where we all do all of our cell phone talking:

Here's the hallway that leads to Uma's ICU room (Uma, when you wake up and read this, I want you to imagine so many of your loved ones hanging out in this hallway, waiting for a moment to go hang out with you, because this hallway has been filled with love for you) (Chad said that the theme for this month's "bonus photo" is love, but I'm not doing a bonus photo because all of these photos are love for you) (remind me to tell you about the Uma-Loompa song that Eleanor, Erica, and I made up for you last night) (it's kinda dirty, so I won't print the lyrics here) (and besides, you should hear the song before any of the rest of my blog readers):

This is the sign by the door that leads into the room where we spend most of our time:

We drink a lot of Starbucks, and no one will own up to owning the Ya Ya Sisterhood book that's been on this table for several days:

Aaron Case brought you this rock, and that's the charm that Sian gave me (which I've been using to pray with):

Okay, I don't have time to tell the story of this next photo right now because Starbucks is about to close, but we totally almost got kicked out of the Chinese Restaurant we had dinner at:

I didn't take the next photo, I think Bill took it...Vandalize the World for Uma!:

Another vandalism pic, I love this one:

They are kicking me out of Starbucks, I'm not even sure if that was 12 pictures or not.

HOPE and LOVE. Keep spreading it, please.

ADDENDUM: I'm back at my Aunt's apartment (actually, she's my Step Great-Aunt) and I just received several Uma Vandalization photos, and I'm adding them here as 12 of 12 "bonus" photos because the Bonus Photo Theme was "love" and Vandalizing the World for Uma is all about love.


soleclaw said...

Erik I am so so so very sorry to hear about Uma. I've missed so much in the blog world including your friends' tragedy. I'm sending mounds of positive energy her way, and will think of her when I rock out to "Feels Good Inc."

Zpitzen said...

Uma is in my thoughts.. Even though I don't know her, I hope and pray that she's gonna wake up..
My mum had a brain aneurysm burst 5 years ago, and was in a coma for 14 days.. It was the worst time ever, and I know what you are going thru.. You're kind off in between worlds.. Nothing is more important than just beeing there, sitting holding hands.. I couldnt stand beeing away from her, not knowig what was haapening.. After the 14 days, she slowly woke up, and it has been a long journey, to where she is now.. Never the less, her character has changed, but she's happy, and love life.. and thats what counts..
Many thoughts your way.... a fellow 12of12 blogger....

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! Hugs, thoughts, and prayers!

Aimie said...

waiting. hoping. praying. love.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Erik!
I love the spirt you are maintaining here. Aptly, wonderfully mischief filled.

I had a bitchin' day, and dedicate it to Ums. Big love and warm energy beaming daily.

Since we're doing all this waiting, I thought I might note that the most precious things (like diamonds or babies) take time to form. She is probably just doing things right and healing up properly, and that can take some time...(You listening lady?!)

donna said...


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