Saturday, February 24, 2007


Jason Adams sent me this photo of Uma, from when she was in Pentecoste at the Evidence Room. I'm posting this photo because (1) it's a great photo of Urp, and (2) this is totally the look she gives the nurses and doctors when she's annoyed at them.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Erik: Since I am Joe's mom, I am allowed to leave motherly advice. I am so deeply touched by the love and friendship, loyalty and support that all of you have shown for Uma. BUT here is the motherly advice part: you are all in for a long haul helping Uma with her recovery (And thank God, the universe, the earth, fate or whatever that she WILL be here to make that recovery.) Think about developing some sort of a plan so that someone is there with Uma, but the rest of you are taking turns sleeping, eating healthy food, and all that other stuff that will keep you strong in body for Uma
Love and all good wishes.
Joe's Mom