Saturday, February 10, 2007

some activity today!

Today was a huge day.
I only slept two hours on my red eye flight last night,
and those were plane sleep hours (which probably only count as one hour combined),
but the reason I bring up my lack of sleep is that I'm about to pass out
and I'm not very coherent at all
and hopefully this email won't be some weird stream of conscious thing that doesn't make any sense.
I should probably write an email and send it out to my email blast,
but I'm too tired to figure that out right now too.
Enough build up.
Uma blink several times today, in response to questions asked by the nurse.
It was an amazing moment and it gives us so much hope.
I was standing out in the hall with Erica and Adam Day when the nurse came out and send that Uma had woken up for a moment.
"I told her, 'you're in a hospital in New York City, do you know where you are? Can you hear me? Blink if you can hear me."
And then Uma blinked.
And then the nurse asked her several more questions, "do you want to see John?" "Do you want to see Erik?" etc., and she blinked each time.
We were so excited when the nurse told us this, and we rushed into her room,
but she'd fallen back into a sleep by then.
But I stood with her for the next twenty minutes,
and then the nurse (a woman named Nancy, who is awesome) (I love Nancy)
came up to Uma's bed with a washcloth and started to wash Uma's face
and suddenly
the cold water woke her up again
and the nurse said (actually, she didn't say it, she totally yelled): "Hey, UMA! Can you hear me?!? I'm standing with Erik, Erik's here." And then I said, "Hey, Urp--I'm here, can you hear me?" And then Uma blinked, I saw her do it and it was so completely a reply. And then we asked her a few more questions and it wasn't like she was just randomly blinking, they were definitely replies.
That's when John got back to the hospital, he had gone to pick up his mail, and he rushed into the room. Uma had fallen back to sleep, but then about ten minutes later she woke up again and John talked to her and she heard him and she blinked one more time.
That was it for the day, but it was a lot.
We already had hope, but it gave us so much more hope.
It felt so fucking good to get some sense that she's still there.
We need to get all of her back--so keep her in your thoughts and prayers--but we definitely saw a bit of her tonight and it was so good to get that glimpse.


goingRAWr! said...

this is so wonderful to hear!!!
*keeps sending positive vibes to uma*
i'm sure when she wakes up fully and gets to talking, she'll have some amazing stories about what she experienced whilst we thought she was asleep. time/ space continuum stuff. or even perhaps something to do with cajal and kumkum. who knows?
if i knew how to, i'd send you some cosmic healing vibhuti i got from Sai Baba. i'm going to the ashram on tuesday for mahashivarathri and i will be sure to think of uma and send her vibes from that holy place.

Doug said...

Wow, great news! I'm so glad you were there to experience that. XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic news!


Eleanor said...

Uma is such a little trooper. The blinking is super exciting, and hopefully there will be lots more where that came from. She's really fighting. She's very brave.

It's overwhleming how many people are there to support her and cheer her on. People everywhere.