Tuesday, February 06, 2007

"National Vandalize the World For Uma" Day

On the closing night of a play that a bunch of my friends were in (and I'm not naming the play or the theater because I don't want anyone to get arrested for vandalism) (not that we're really guilty of vandalism) (but, you know, I'm neurotic), a bunch of us were hangin' out at the show's afterparty and we got a little mischievous and grabbed some spray paint and...okay, we tagged our names on a cement construction block outside the theater. (It's not like the freaking cement block was permanent, so I wouldn't consider this actual vandalism, but because I'm afraid it might technically qualify, I'm not naming names.) (Unless you happen to have a damned brain aneurysm, because if you're fighting a damned brain aneurysm then I don't think they can fine you for vandalism, whether you're freaking guilty of it or not.)

The above photo was taken with my cell phone, so it ain't the greatest photo, but it gets my point across. In the bottom right corner of the photo you can see where Uma graffitti'd her name. (I graffitti'd my name a few feet to the left of this photo.)
Anyway, the reason I bring all of this graffitti hoo-haw up is that I keep trying to think of things that we can do to put more and more Uma Energy out there into the universe--so she knows that we're all thinking of her--and then I thought of this photo of Uma's graffitti'd name, and I was like:
Let's make February 6th "National Vandalize the World For Uma" Day.
To participate, all you have to do is write Uma's name somewhere out in the world where you wouldn't necessarily expect to see someone's name. You don't need to put her full name: "Uma" will suffice. (And then, if you get caught by an authority figure, you can argue that three letters barely qualifies as vandalism).
There are five rules of "National Vandalize the World For Uma" Day:
(1) You can put Uma's name anywhere.
A sidewalk.
A wall.
The inside cover of a library book.
The top of a school desk, or a table in a cafeteria.
A telephone pole.
The branch of a tree.
(2) You can write her name using any form of writing tool you want, as long as it's permanent.
A pen.
A knife (if you're carving).
A magic marker.
A Sharpee.
Anything! (As long as it's permanent.)
(3) You can graffitti Uma's name more than once, if you're feeling extra mischievous.
But once is fine too!
(The key thing is that you write her name someplace you probably shouldn't be writing someone's name, that's part of the fun of "National Vandalize the World For Uma" Day.) (And when Uma wakes up and finds out people have been vandalizing the world in her name, I know she'll feel some second-hand mischievous glee.) (I think she'll feel pretty damned proud of y'all too.)
(4) Don't, like, actually destroy anything. Meaning: don't, like, truly vandalize.
I realize that this rule seems to be oxymoronic and invalidate everything I've said so far about "National Vandalize the World For Uma" Day, but hear me out. The idea behind "National Vandalize the World For Uma" Day is to let Uma's name brighten your day a little. I don't want it to dampen anyone else's day. (Like, for example, don't paint her name on a stranger's car, or anything like that.)
And it doesn't have to be huge graffitti. It could be small, someplace you'd only see if you knew to look for it. If that's the route you go with your graffitti, you could think of it like it's your little secret that you get to share with Uma when she wakes up.
Be clever!
(5) The important thing is (and I guess this is truly the only steadfast "rule"):
Your graffitti must be permanent!
(I realize this was covered in Rule #2, but it's an important rule, so it's worth mentioning twice.)
That's it, now get graffitti'ing!
(Oh, and, feel free to take a picture of your Uma graffitti. I'd love to see where her name starts popping up, out there in the world.) (Of course, you shouldn't feel required to take a photo--if you don't want any photographic evidence, I totally understand: the important thing is that you participate.)
Please spread the word that today is "National Vandalize the World For Uma" Day. Cut and paste this post as much as you damned please.
Thank you.


Jesse said...

I know the movement has started in Los Angeles and San Francisco

Anonymous said...

I did it! The best thing about it was looking for a place to write Uma's name, feeling like a criminal the whole time. Once I wrote her name on a piece of wood in a busy shopping center parking lot, I felt empowered. I wanted to do it again. Going for a walk soon and will take my magic marker with me. This energy is so Uma.

chelle said...

This is one of the greatest ideas I've seen in a long time! I hope Uma likes Math and/or French...

Brenda Griffith said...

Uma is now in Atlanta on a green man plaque in our garden. It was vandalism of a sort, but doesn't violate the 4th rule.

donna said...


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