Wednesday, February 21, 2007

lotsa green hearts!

This woman named Jessica (whose blog I found through communicatrix) read about Uma and drew a valentine for Uma and also for Jessica's friend Rick, who's also in the hospital right now (he recently had a brain tumor removed). The valentine is filled with green hearts and it's a beautiful drawing, and I've been meaning to post it for a while, and so here it is:

Uma continues to make amazing improvements every day, and I hope that Rick in Fredericton is doing amazing too...Jessica, I have been thinking of him and sending him healing energy vibes...

The internet really can be a really small place sometimes, but the love can be fucking big.

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Jessica said...

Hi Erik

I'm so happy you love the green hearts. That is all an artist ever wants is to stir an emotion causing the viewer to respond with emotion.

Glad to hear Uma is improving everyday.

Rick is doing well. Much better than he was originally diagnosed as. I posted a couple of email updates about Rick from Back East adding them to the original post.

Keep smiling Erik - kindness and miracles happen everyday.

Much love,