Tuesday, February 20, 2007

we got through DAY 21

we got through DAY 21! that's a good milestone.

Uma gets better every day.

today she was mouthing words, like she was trying to talk to us.

(she can't talk yet because the tracheostomy in her throat diverts air away from her mouth, but the fact that she's trying to talk is majorly good.)

i just wanted to share the good news about how Uma's trying to talk. it's exciting.

oh, and john played some music for her today and she tapped her foot along with the music. which is also a great sign. lots of great signs these days.

thanks for your continued prayers and good thoughts.


Doug said...

Great News! Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

holy crap! that is amazing news!
that makes me wanna jump up and down. i believe i will! yea!

jenny said...

erik - i've been so captivated by your friend's story that these updates are really great to hear. it's wonderful that uma has such a strong support group of friends and family - it's obviously helping her recovery.

sending all my best thoughts and positive vibes her way!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Good job Uma!!! :-)
...Michelle Rangel

Anonymous said...

Yea Uma!!!


runnerbird said...

this is fantastic news. More positive thoughts your way. Continued improvement, Uma. We know you can do it.