Monday, February 05, 2007

last night's Uma Update, and a request!

Hello friends...

I just wanted to send out a quick Uma update (an Umsdate?):

There were a few scary moments today, but for the most part it's good news. This morning they noticed that Uma's draining tube was darker, which meant that more blood was flowing out of it. They were afraid that there might be some new bleeding, but after doing a CAT Scan, they found that there was NO NEW BLEEDING. (Very good news.) The reason the draining tube was darker is that the blood that needs to get drained IS getting drained. Now, there's STILL blood in there, so we need to keep visualizing that blood draining, but I truly believe that all of the visualization we've been doing so far is working--the blood is draining!

Uma is moving in the right direction.

Unfortunately, Uma also had a fever today, and showed signs of pneumonia, and her heart rate is high. Her heart rate is high because of all of the medications she's on, but they're not too worried about that because of how young she is. They're working on getting rid of the fever and hopefully the pneumonia will go away quickly.

Please keep your prayers and love focused on Uma! Thank you for all of your emails, sorry I haven't been able to reply to most of them, but know how much I love all of you. We are gonna get our girl through this.

I'm back in LA for the next few days, but John is always at the hospital with Uma--and Marie (one of Uma's best friends) is there right now too. We're so grateful for all of your support. That cannot be said enough.

Thank you and big love,

p.s. I HAVE A REQUEST: I know that whenever Uma hears the song "Hey Ya" by OutKast, she can't help but dance, and then when they started playing that song "Feel Good Inc." by Gorillaz on the radio, Uma called me and said "I discovered my new Hey Ya!," meaning she'd discovered another song she can't help but dance to. I was thinking that, sometime today, if you could take five minutes and crank up either "Hey Ya," or "Feel Good Inc.," or if you don't have access to either of those songs, then crank up some Eminem, or whatever song really makes your body move. (Or, hey, if you're a Buffy geek, then you could pick just about any song from the Buffy musical episode--another Uma fave.) Do it alone in your living room, or do it with a friend, or do it out on the street with your neighbors. I don't care where you do it--just DANCE LIKE A MOFO sometime today, Monday Feb 5th. And while you're dancing send all of your dancing energy to Uma in her hospital bed. And while you're sending that dancing energy to Uma in her hospital bed, imagine the rest of that damned excess blood draining out, and imagine Uma waking up, and imagine Uma walking out of that hospital, fully recovered. Let's all keep sending those vibes out there...


The Mad Doctor said...

I'm a new reader to your blog. Tonight I'll be sure to dance for Uma like and send all good vibes her way.

I practice Tibetan Buddhist and I'll do some visualizations/chanting for her as well.

Wish Uma, her friends, and her family the best.

The Mad Doctor said...
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jeremy said...

you got it--when i get home from work, buffy the musical is going in, and i'll be dancing.