Thursday, February 08, 2007

More Vandalization For Uma!

Uma will love these photos! I'm putting them together in a book to give to Urp when she wakes up (thank you for the idea, Aims) so keep putting Uma's print out there and keep sending me the proof. The collective unconscious is strong. We're all going to help Uma get through this. Thank you kindly.


Aimie said...

first, again, by the grace of uma! i have three shots coming! xoox

Anonymous said...

I like the spirit of this whole thing. Here's why: it's defiant. When we write Uma's name out there, we are saying to the medical system with all of its dire stats and its way of dehumanizing patients that we don't buy it. We know Uma. She's not like anyone else. We know her fighting spirit and we can see her healed. We will all make believers out of any doctor who doesn't see Uma this way. So write on!

frank's wild lunch said...

I know I'm behind the curve, but I vandalized my blog for her. Been following your posts and thinking of her.

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