Thursday, February 22, 2007

day 23, thursday afternoon

Erica's back (and Marie's coming back today too, so we're going to have a full house at the hospital this weekend, which is awesome) and Erica and I were just in with Uma for about an hour--talking to her, showing her photos, just hanging out.

Every day I get a stronger sense that she is going to get through this. She's definitely got a long road of rehab ahead of her--but, to paraphrase a song from the Buffy musical episode (which Uma listened to on her ipod yesterday), she has been walking through the fire and she will continue to walk through the fire, and she will fucking conquer this thing.

The occupational therapist came in to exercise Uma's right side and when the occupational therapist saw the green Uma hearts on my hands, she made a comment about them, and then I said: "I like having them on my hands because strangers ask me about them and then I get to tell them who Uma is and more people are thinking of her," and as soon as I said this, Uma rolled her eyes. And not just a little eye roll, this was an unmistakable, huge, "oh my god, Erik is so annoying" eye roll. Which is great because it's more proof that Uma's "there." I explained to the occupational therapist that Uma thinks that I talk too much, and then Uma smiled a pretty big smile.

We love you, Uma, even when you're annoyed with us.


Anonymous said...

Thoughts are things.... That's "THE SECRET"
See you soon UMA!!!!!

And yes Erik so annoying!!


jenny said...

i love the green hearts. ever think of setting up a flickr group where people could post their pictures of green hearts?