Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wednesday's update

Okay, I've been trying to keep my blog updated with the Uma updates that I've been sending out to my Uma mailing list, and I sent out an email this morning that never got posted on the blog, so I'm posting it now. This is yesterday's update. I'll post today's update in a little bit, but I'll just say right now (because there's no need for suspense, we've got enough fucking suspense in our lives) that she had a really good day today.

This morning's report re: yesterday:

I'm about to head out for the hospital, but I wanted to send out a quick Uma update before I go…

Yesterday's CAT Scan was the same as the previous day's CAT Scan…which means the swelling is still there…but there's NO NEW SWELLING. Which is very good. We're hoping there's no new swelling today, and no new swelling again tomorrow…and that the swelling starts to go down…(that would be fucking rockstar).

Uma is still responding neurologically…she's still opening her eyes, she's still moving…she moved her right foot a lot yesterday…and I had a moment alone with her where she opened her eyes and I swear she looked at me. Other times I've seen her open her eyes, they didn't really seem to focus on anything, but yesterday was different…they were focused, they were looking, seeing…we had a moment.

So all of that bolsters my feelings of hope. We're back on the right track after a scary day…let's all stay hopeful and strong and keep sending her good healthy vibes.


p.s. Thank you for all of your Uma Valentine wishes and photos and messages. Uma will love them when she wakes up from all of this.
p.p.s. a few more green hearts for Uma:

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Jessica said...

Hi Erik

I'm glad to hear Uma is stable. It seems she is making progress. It takes time to heal. As humans we are strong and can recover.

I love the green heart campaign. Cheers to you, Uma and your friends and family.

Take care and with any luck by March when green begins to appear in the Northern Hemisphere she will feel it also and grow into herself again.

peace and love