Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Uma Update, Day 8

I'm going to make today's update short and sweet. Today is Wednesday, Day Eight, and since it's Wednesday and all--the middle of the work week, and the middle of the work week always seems to drag--I want to urge you to keep focused on sending energy out to Uma in her hospital bed. We can't slack just because it's hump day!

Two big things to visualize today:

Uma's pneumonia is a little worse, so let's keep visualizing the pneumonia going away.

But even bigger than that...they are reducing her sedation levels today in the hopes that we'll see some signs of neurological functions, basically signs of waking up. Please think hard about Uma waking up and getting those neurological functions going!

In fact, you know that scene in the movie Network when Albert Finney's yelling out the window? If you could go to a window sometime today (or several times today) and yell "Wake up, Uma!" out your window, as loud as you can, that would be great. Don't worry about strangers giving you funny looks, strangers giving you funny looks is good.

Let's put the idea out into the atmosphere, make Uma hear you!

Thanks and xo...


Anonymous said...

It was Peter Finch who yelled out of the window in NETWORK.

Eleanor said...

I yelled out the window of my apartment in St. Louis. Which was fun, mostly because we live above a wine bar and restaurant. Hee hee.


Lindsay Evelyn said...

Hi, I've been really touched by these blog entries of yours. I put Uma's name as my MySpace headline, I'm going to write it on every bill in my wallet (which is a pathetic few, but they're a proud few), and I'll be sending good vibes her way.

Anonymous said...

I happened to stop by your blog the day that Uma had her aneurism and I have been checking it every day since. It's been a long time since we've hung out -- but the thought of Uma in a hospital bed is almost unfathomable to me. I don't have a digital camera so I can't send you a pic, but I wrote Uma's name on the meeting agenda that I passed out to my staff today. That means there are 11 of us here in Oakland thinking about her! I'm also sending lots of positive energy her way (and your way as well). You both are in my thoughts...and on the random days that superstition overcomes me and I pray just in case people are "right", you're both in my prayers as well.

I can't wait to read that she's woken up and doing okay.

Hallie Lewis